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So I finally finished watching Supernatural season 6 and ... all i can do is cry and say NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! bb noooooooooooo!


Apr. 23rd, 2011 08:17 pm
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Tiny Supernatural icon post

001-002 from s4
003-008 from s5

Total Icon Count: 8


Angels! )
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Rewatching season 4... am I honestly the only person who really dislikes Anna? Who tends to agree that she is wrong?

I mean, you compare her to Castiel, both with doubts and questions, only Castiel never disobeyed his Father, in fact, he only disobeyed his superiors to protect all of creation which, theologically speaking, would seem to go hand-in-hand with his purpose.

But Anna? her whining speech to Dean explaining why she fell? boo-freaking-hoo. it just seems to scream Faithless and Self-Centered and she just rubs me the wrong way.

otherwise I think I would enjoy Heaven & Hell. and also? There are somethings Uriel says in these pre-fall episodes that are pretty damn awesome,in retrospect, it's unfortunate about him.
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So after the great software return battle of 2009 i've given up on trying to purchase photoshop/etc. SIGH. adobe has really fucking pissed me off. i'd try to snag a torrent (i really just need InDesign and photoshop) but from what i've observed, software torrents tend to be riddled with viruses or don't work. ugg.

In other news:

SPN = holy fucking GAH

Dollhouse = interesting with a side of yay

Smallville = oh who knows what the fuck is going on anymore

i want a copy of indesign baaaaaaaaad *cry*

*brought to you by homework avoidance.
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taxes are done and in the mail. same with credit card bills. next on the list: tuition, woot!

dreadfully behind in school work, staring at a rapidly falling Oceanography grade which makes me want to CRY SO BAD considering how hard i've been working this quarter damnit!

sick. dead sick. i came home from work yesterday. had a truncated luncheon with the fam, went to bed around 3pm and didnt wake up (except once briefly for water and more tylenol around 9pm) again until this morning. feel like the shit. achey, nasty nasty cough and so tired i cant stand up but hurt all over too much to lie down anymore. fuck. so glad i got my tuesday shift switched, this gives me a whole two more days to get better before i have to worry about getting someone to cover me

so all caught up on SPN. i have to say i am both loving and hating season 4. loving in that i LOVE Castiel and his whole relationship with Dean but hating it in that i'm left going "what happened to m'boys!!!! why are you lying to each otherz?!" i miss how they were like *twists first and middle finger* this the first two season. i have this horrible horrible feeling in my gut like they're working up to dean having to kill sam or something. it makes all my insides just *hurt* man. plus dean's angst over his time in hell, how is that going to be fixed? hm?

mostly though, all the secrets make me hurt so much. i want to go back to that awful gut-wrenching first season where Dean basically dies and the car in mowed over. that was such clear and perfect pain. non of the murkiness of now. if that makes sense.

still fighting Adobe over refunding me the freaking WRONG platform of CS. grar. they say my case was automatically closed, but does that mean it was closed with a refund in my future or what? i really want my $450 back. i've decided i'm not going to-buy CS, i'll just get the student edition of PS, it's really all i need, i'm not actually looking for a print design job (i like my job yup) so i don't *really* need InDesign. and the extra $250 will come in handy i'm sure.

In final news, i'm torn between going ahead and buying my kayak or maybe keep saving for a new car a couple yrs down the road (like when i'm done with school or there abouts). i've been talking to my dad about getting a nice classic car (maybe a 64/65 Mustang) and taking some shop classes at comm college to learn about taking care of it. it's either that or save for the next 7 yrs and just maybe scrape together enough to buy a mini lol

i was doing a little bit of writing (more like pulling teeth) but thats on the way back burner until i'm all caught up on school and health.
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so i'm about halfway through season 3. there has been much crying and laughter and awww-ing along the way and now *finally* the history of dean's necklace is revealed *sniffle* omgoodness, it's all just so perfect. i'm so glad i stuck out the early scary because the character goodness is so so *has no words* the little details that drive their actions, its everything that the writer's of sga fell down on the job with and fandom had to make up for only with spn we actually get *screen time* for it.



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