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someone recommended a Crossover/Fusion challenge for [ profile] sga_flashfic and whether thats up next or not it got me thinking. specifically about #9 by [ profile] pentapus. i would love to see that or a variation thereof like nothing else, so why not try my hand at writing it myself?

yeah, we'll see where that goes. for now, admire the adorable pictureness. i *heart* numbers 5 and 6 too. okok, shutup, i *heart* all of them. #10 makes me ship Teyla/John just because it is so cute.
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So I'm doing a bunch of research on OTEC for my Oceanography class. it's very interesting. the sort of super condescend version is that they take temperature differences between different water depths near the equator and use them to power a big steam engine that creates electrical output or work.

i looked up Rankine Cycle (which is the type of heat engine utilized for OTEC) and found it under "classical steam engine" which of course brought to mind these this delightful doodles by [ profile] tardis80 and sparked an instant urge to write steampunk. gosh darn school! i have no time for this.


Jan. 12th, 2009 09:06 am
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Not, in general, often impressed with 90s tv. Because i've been spoiled on a steady diet of well written-plotted-acted 45min sci-fi dramas, forensic dramas, crime dramas, etc (Re: VMars, BSG, House, i think you could argue Angel)

so, for the most part i've steered clear of Traders DESPITE my love of David Hewlett because it seemed like too much to wade through all the boring bits for his snippets. but, feeling very nostalgic (i havent even seen SGA 5x20, shut up) i've taken the plunge, started watching Traders from the beginning (because it seems Hewlett was in 70ish/80ish episodes, go figure *headdesk*) and while the rest of the show continues to be unimpressive, i have to say that it's totally worth his bits. *snorffle* cute, scruffy blue-eyed hewlett is just too irresistible. i might do picspam later if i get around to taking some caps.

*goes back to watching*

oh, last thing, does anyone remember that fanvid Suzvoy made? called The Writer? I really want to turn it into a story for the latest flashfic challenge. i'm tempted to msg her and ask for permission but at the same time i know i couldnt do it justice. i think as an AU though, it really really works *loves vid*
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i was browsing from art by [ profile] newkidfan and found this and wow. the art is amazingly complex and just... whoa. there are about a thousand threads running through it all honed down to one sharp image and a story and it's beautiful, amazingly creative and outside the box. and probably a ton of people have already seen it but even if you have it deserves seeing again.



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