Apr. 23rd, 2011

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We're coming up on that time of year again where I increasingly find myself wanting to make Fuck you Brad Wright etcetc my permanent status. Because.... because SGA ending is like... idk, the worst breakup ever. Like a death. Like a lot of badbadbad things. I've been watching stargate since it aired, for the very first time. I was the one person in my family who watched it every week and adored the SG1 team to little tiny pieces and later my sister got them on dvd and was like "OMG all these yrs I suddenly why you've been watching this" and ok---like in SG1 I always had a thing for quirky a-hole Dr McKay who was in a whole THREE EPISODES but w/e he was awesome, it was like seeing myself trying to interact with people (I internalize my vitriol re: peers/coworkers/morons etc a little better but otherwise) AND THEN THEY PUT HIM ON HIS OWN SHOW along with all these other amazing people (Teyla! Ronon! Dr Z! Ford!(q.q) John!the most emotionally retarded pretty princess ever!) and like i adore DH to pieces (Where the Heart is the movie with him and Uma Therman and Dabne Coleman and the chick from Titanic is like one of my top five fav films ok), PIECES, and then

they cancelled it.

They wrote The Last Man, The Shrine and Vegas and then they cancelled it.

I still havent been able to bring myself to watch the final episode I was SO UPSET about the cancellation. It's been ... idk 2 yrs now? I still can't do it. I quite possibly will never watch it, I haven't really decided yet.

And I wont say that the show wasnt deeply flawed because, omg, it was. And basically I can't stand Carson and his mad scientist so far beyond questionable genetic experimentation ways (really IDEK what is going on with that, I kind of just want to cling to Ronon through that whole arc and make BUH faces at these stupid earthlings). So, deeply flawed, but there was so much potential. There was so much interesting stuff. I mean, the intrinsic premise is a FLYING CITY THAT YOU CONTROL WITH YOUR MIND. How is that ever not amazing? I love little self contained universes. A part of this speaks to the tiny trekker in me that still loves DS9 almost the best (don't judge, it's a sister thing >.>)


And, watching McKay learn to be a better person and watching people learn to love him despite himself at times, yeah, I liked that ok. It speaks to me. And I'm a young fan. I'm barely 22, I mean, I think I'm the target audience that SG:Universe is supposed to cater to or something, according to the statements I've read.

But no, it most definitely didnt bother me that the entire cast of Atlantis was having babies and hitting 40, and JFlan's greying hair was hot, ok.

So fuck you Brad Wright. Fuck you and your shiny, pretentious new show. Fuck you for taking away my campy (SG1 will always be the pinnacle of adorable campy awesomeness ty RDA) show with its flying city, bitchy chief science officer and his ridiculous flyboy. Fuck. You.


Apr. 23rd, 2011 08:17 pm
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