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Sometimes i sound so much like Bridget Jones (unintentionally) that i scare myself.

got crutches (and boy, arent those their own pain in the ass) only for it to snow so my mom drove me in to school where we were late for my first class and then before she could let me out at the SUB the campus police started closing off parts of the parking lot. fun eh? so we went back home where i have called/txted everyone at work trying to get someone to cover me and NO one can do it *flail* i left a msg on one girl's machine and she hasn't gotten back to me so *crosses fingers* though i'm not too hopeful. i've got 4 hrs to get someone.

hmm, today i really need to fax in my education verification so i can get my copy of Creative Suit ordered and in the mail ( i need it by monday WAH).

think i shall go check up on [ profile] sga_flashfic and see if a new challenge has been posted.
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Well, the knit-in-the-round tank top did not turn out right. it did, in fact, came out kelsey sized.

i finished an ancient shawl i started back in april. i began another shawl made out of this brilliant silk-bamboo yarn for my sister. meagan gave me a knitted hats book for my bday and extracted a promise to make her a hat out of it.

mostly though i've been reading I, Jedi which you really have to like Corran Horn to "enjoy"/live thru the half-shmangled plot and bad characterization of Luke Skywalker -_- also its in first person which is just... *weird*

i learned how make complete drinks at work and i can work the drive thru machine pretty much without too much trouble, yay! the front machine's milk wand still scares me cause its so powerful and fast and i havent quite tamed making nice latte milk on it yet.

kelsey made me sick. grr. but another 2 or so days and i'll be right as rain again. i blame the incoherency on the being ill.

i wish MBCC would give me my paychecks already cause i really really really want to buy my kayak.

school starts in like 11 days, how much does that suck?

New job!

Aug. 19th, 2008 10:46 am
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All rejoice for I have got a new job! I got a barista position at a local coffee co/cafe. it is so exciting. i'm so happy. i've turned in my two weeks notice with Jamba and hope to be starting at the new place soon. i think the manager forgot to get me a schedule though so i shall probably have to email him today. but still its exciting.

this new place is really nice, they roast their own coffee, have free wi-fi and are reasonably priced for such a place.

too bad i already had to pay my union dues GAH. $176 down the tube, or the crapper as the case may be and now i cant afford to pay for adobe production suite *sighsighsigh* puts me out of a distinct humor. and my mutual fund is down this morning, though thats not necessarily bad, i went ahead and bought more so in the end i think it will all turn out right :)

my dad showed me how to use our espresso maker and i'm absolutely dieing to make some, but i wanted to get some Irish Cream flavoring form cash and carry so i could make Irish Cream Mochas.

i bought a yoga mat (they were on sale and it was teal!) and have been using it on my lunch hrs but the weathers turned cold rainy and blustery again. i think we only barely made $500 and manager steve took the till a little early even.

i continue knitting away at the tank top experiment. i need to finish the back today cause i forgot to work on it at all yesterday and that it quite unacceptable.

also, on a closing note, i finally watched P&P with Kiera Knightley and i will say that i liked Rosamund Pike as always, and Knightley wasnt bad, and it was still P&P so i couldnt help but adore every event. my only hitch was Darcy wasnt really Darcy half? the time. though he did have nice soppy, obssessed eyes and he and Bingley were funny together. so altogether, i love it despite itself though is has not replaced in my esteem the A&E version :D

Day Four

Jun. 27th, 2008 10:02 am
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So, this week has been crazy.

School started monday and i had my first day of work that evening. busy busy busy.

yesterday i went to go to class and my car wouldnt run right so i had to miss class and beg a ride off M from across town. it was terrible. i had to go in at 2pm to work and i figured i'd be able to get a hold of my sister (i had talked to her early yesterday morning) but i couldnt get her at home or on her cell, it was insane. i'll need to do something really nice to pay her back.

work is crazy. so much to learn, so fast paced. you're constantly moving and multitasking etc but i think i'm improving a lot. today will be my fourth day working on the job. i think i'm' gonna end up with like 27.5 hrs this week so woo hoo.

hope everyone is having an awesome, warm, sunny summer!


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