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Mar. 29th, 2012 03:48 am
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Go to your latest WIP, the seventh page, seven lines down and post the next seven lines:

Thus far his own efforts, while productive in other ways, had only managed to exhaust him, leaving his mind free to spin off in whichever direction it chose. Just now it really wanted to come back around and dwell awhile on Eames despite Arthur’s determination to fully ignore the other man’s existence.

He sent back a sympathetically worded reply to Phillipa and spent a ridiculous amount of time flipping through the photos from Ariadne. The last one contained an actual message:

Text from Ariadne: U kind of dropped off the map after the last job?

Kind of boring, not too embarrassing lol

I really need to post the next part of this wip -.- I left off at a TERRIBLE point
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Recapping november and writing since the end of NaNoWriMo....

Well, I hit 12k for my nano novel. Not great but it's still a pretty significant amount of writing to accomplish (for me). It averages out to like 4k/week but really I think I was doing more like 7k/week for the last two weeks which is not too shabby.

Since then I've been giving myself a tiny brain break by writing a fairly serious take on a crack Inception Kink Meme prompt. It's good. I started it about two weeks ago and have a little over 8k written. Not too shabby at all considering it was the last week of instruction + dead week (ie study for finals week) + FINALS this week. Am going to try to write 1.2k on it today and hit around the 9.5k mark if everything goes according to plan. I'm confident the entire fill should reach 15k possibly 17k. After that I need to write a couple short fills for Angst_Bingo since I REALLY want to write a blackout for that this round and April is the deadline (I think that means 25 fills at a minimum of 500 words/fill but knowing me they'll all be closet to 700-1500/fill)

Am looking at possibly being expelled from school. I'm basically 100% certain I'm going to fail one of my classes and theres a cap on how many classes you can drop in the course of your ENTIRE academic career which I used up last yr. What kind of policy is that? Ugh. So I'm going to get an F and I'm feeling pretty worried that this will lower by gpa too much. In the event of possibly expulsion though my plan is to finish my AA via online classes with SPS and get a job and save up enough money to go to film school.
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Screwed my courage to the sticking place and started answering a prompt on the Inception Kink Meme. This is Day 4 working on it and I just hit 5k which (for me) is just... I'm flabbergasted. I estimate there might be another 10k left to write, depending on how involved the eventual sex gets (I dont write it very often but I feel its going to be fairly important to this story emotionally).

it's all very exciting and nerve wracking but exciting XD

I finished nanowrimo @ a measly 12k but again for me and my super slow writing habits I am satisfied. Next up after i've finished this story for the kink meme will be to dive headfirst into [livejournal.com profile] angst_bingo. I've got a few difficult prompts i'm not sure what to do but i'm going to stay optimistic.

In other news, I am absolutely and completely in love with Spotify. It runs so much more smoothly on my mac than Pandora has (since they redesigned) and I love being able to sit for a couple hrs and just work through the entire catalog including remixes of my favourite artists.
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Tie Our Hands to Something Solid
Fandom: SGA
Pairing: Sheppard/McKay
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 1k
Warnings: canon character death
Summary: Written for [livejournal.com profile] love_bingo prompt “gone too soon.” Italics from “forgetting something” by Nick Flynn. unbeta’d

He never slept with Dr. M. Rodney McKay )
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Writing Words Mostly To Myself )


Jan. 6th, 2011 04:32 am
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Nothing very useful accomplished /headdesk/

I've been playing with a couple script ideas. Poking and stretching characters in my head and trying to figure out how they work. I worked through a very rough summary yesterday but find it impossible to actually write. I have a feeling it's to me what parallel parking is (ever since my driver's exam I have, mentally, been unable to parallel park despite going into the test being able to do it). It's a very frustrating, blank or gap in myself. I certainly never wrote consistent volumes but I did nano two years in a row and back when btvs was still on air I would write semi regular snippets. I remember writing on folded up scraps of paper in text books in class so it would look like I was taking notes. I need to get over this block.

I'm flying back to my apt (home? idk if thats really what I want to call it though I probably should) in a few hours. I should make a to-do list, there are so many things I need to accomplish in the next week and a half. I am more than a little bit worried about school, but I guess we all have to make shitty life decisions and learn from our mistakes (at least my problem was video games and not drugs?)

alkjdgkjha I need to finish packing. I somehow managed to purchase half a library's worth of used books I swear to god in the barely two weeks I've been on holiday. As is, my parents are going to have to ship a couple boxes across the state to me /facepalm/

I believe since I last journaled I finally kicked my butt into gear and watched Inception. It's been a few VERY blurry days (mostly of me mainlining Eames/Arthur) but I should probably collect and record my thoughts for my own edification for they are many. I really desperately want a physical copy of the damn film, almost enough to pay new purchase price for it --consequently if someone can tell me FOR CERTAIN whether or not Eames calls anyone else by petnames???? I would be very interested --

ETA: about a year and a half later I finally watched The Good Night because Martin Freeman is adorable and he and Simon Pegg together are funny and it made me cry so go watch it. It's quietly wonderful (and sort of dovetailed my Inception addiction inadvertantly)
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I've recently struck up a dialogue with an old friend. and by old, i mean someone i was friends with freshman yr but havent really spoken to in the past yr. we had creative writing together and we always had something literary to talk about.

I went to Borders recently, i mentioned that in an earlier post, and bought a L'Engle book because i loved her books when i was younger and it seemed one of the more worthwhile things at the store. At the library, i took a quick browse thru the teen section and checked out a Pendragon book (#3 i think) because i remembered them being quite often on the NYT's bestseller lists and a Jane Yolen book about Mary Queen of Scots. I'm trying to get m hands on a copy of a Gail Carson Levine book too (i loved Ella and Two Princesses when they came out). If these books are at all good like they've been touted, i feel that the simple, pretty covers and entertaining stories could be wholesome.

I've furthermore been doing some reading into the young adult market, along the lines of the more fantastical, not sword and sorcery post-Harry Potter tripe but stuff like L'Engle and i find it all very inspiring. at least somewhat more so than the adult fantasy market which seems jam packed with the same sort of stuff.

I've started writing. its an old story i'm taking a new approach at. i think this will be attempt number three. i really want to write this summer. read and write and hopefully sell stuff on ebay.

Ebay news, no bids so far but my friend tells me to be patient. i have a few more things i need to list and i desperately need to go thru my closet because i have a ton of stuff with the tags still on that i really should at least try to sell.

i still need a job.

summer quarter starts in a week.
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1. Are there too many literary magazines/ezines out there already? (mags that focus on new fiction/poetry and reviews)

2. Would the magazine title Ezra strike you as religious if you were passing it on a stand?
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gmail. yes/no? worth the time? good/bad? comments?
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today was a monday. today was the fay after daylight savings time.

gawd i wanted to DIE by 2pm.

Megaupload is a pain in the ass.

half of the semester left to go and then vacation. i cannot wait.

S and i have not spoken in a week +, this makes me sad.

i cannot find all of the crap i wrote for CW last yr, also sad, but i found some stuff i'd forgotten about which is amazingly good imo.

i have decided to compile my poetry into a book, try my hand at writing some new stuff and ultimately, move to London, take up expatriot status and write poetic volumes for the rest of my life.

in other news, i've been doing research for my paper on Ezra Pound.

that is all.
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Hmmm, been busy. Either because I've been slowly catching up son s. 8 & 9 of SG-1 or because i've been reading or because i've actually been studying! hahaha. and dieting. muchos careful dieting. but i think its paying off. my goal is to loose about 20 more pounds before the Texas trip in June (well, specifically, by the time i go shopping for skimpy summertime clothes for the Texas trip)

also i'm having this urge to learn everything i can about cars this summer so that maybe next summer or something i can buy a cute, classic car and fix it up. we'll see how long this urge lasts *lol*

i'm vacilating between keeping my hair trimmed up short or letting it grow out. I'd really like to dye it but i dont want to spend $15 on an amount of chemicals i'll only use 1/4 of. hmm, v. badly written sentance there but i really can't be arsed to fix it *lol*

been working on the script. 6 pages of new, different and kinda refreshing work. i know, pathetic but i'm chugging along slowly but surely.

parting thought: THREE DAY WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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because school takes up too much time damnit!

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
12,580 / 50,000
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i signed up for NaNo on Nov. 25th and started work on an idea i tossed around for awhile back in '00-'01 but never went anywhere with.

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
10,285 / 50,000

i'm not going to complete NaNo but my god, that is a record for me. unless school absolutely kills me this week i think i might just finish this story within the next week or two.

here's hoping at least eh?


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