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still need an Inception icon /flail/ maybe will get on that today.
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So I used to be a barista. It was a job I both loved and hated (loved the regulars, hated the dumbasses etc lol) but I do miss it, especially while I'm still in school because if you're a good barista in a decent area you really can make bank (for a minimum wage job). Plus, I genuinely enjoy making espresso, I think it's fun.

Last night I had an ongoing nightmare that a friend and former coworker asked me to make her an americano and I spent the entire dream breaking three different espresso machines trying to make it for her. It was terrible. It was worse than the dream I had where I was on Hells Kitchen (don't ask >.>) and what was really terrible is I would wake up from it, roll over and promptly fall back into the dream. I slept through two alarms thanks to this dream. And of course when I woke up, the first thing I craved was a descent cup of coffee and a pastry, queue tall quad mocha and a disgustingly sweet biscotti cookie (I'll no doubt have a nice sugar coma later)

I wish I had PSCS on this laptop :(
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wow *blinks* i had a very vivid, very long dream about having to remove arrows from all over my body and it hurt (not as much as te real thing i doubt but still, ouch). we were like a comando group or flight squadron and this girl was helping me take them out cause i couldnt reach a couple and the way the heads were barred you needed three hands and.there was a lot of blood. lots and lots of blood. and then it twitches suddenly to some bizarro vacation land where i got to snuggle and kiss somebody (once i was back to being a girl again in my dreams -_-) but i think his father was part of the mafia. or something. but ouch, i can still feel the arrow heads sliding out *shivers*

Luna bars were on sale the other day so i bought a couple to try and...they have a really cool name and really cool flavors but on the whole, 1/2 the flavors taste wierd and they're too soft imo (i like harder or tightly packed power bars that i can really sink my teeth in to and savor *lol*) and the toasted nuts 'n cranberry flavor is just BIZARRE the nuts taste like some really weird bitter herb things i pulled up out of the ground as a child and if my brain was awake yet i'd be able to give you the same of said plan thing but *yawns* not even done with my first cuppa yet.

today i must finish the ficathon fic *guilts* and work on Rising icons, i have about 14 or 15 finished so far but they're harder to do then the others for some reason because Atlantis brings out the joker in me but i'm really not very funny and trying to balance everything and keep the icons looking different and semi fresh instead of recycled--its hard.

i read a bit more Briefing for a Descent Into Hell last night which is both parts tedious and fascinating. i'll reserve more judgment until im around pg 100 though.


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