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I finally gave up and just installed CS4 on my parents new computer. they have a big beautiful bright screen and because it's windows, i also installed the tablet my sister bought me for my bday. umm.... i dont remember how many hrs ago that was but i think i've got tunnel vision S_S

i think it's time i went to bed now *small nod*

also....big bang? yes/no? i'm thinking yes because i feel crazy like that.

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So i've been working on photoshop the past two days, collecting photos, composing in my head and tonight i really started piecing it together. i was going to hit save (as is good periodically) when PS shut itself down.

*dies inside*

this also means that i've used the last of my trial. now i really HAVE to buy a copy asap so i can get back to work on the first piece of digital art i've actually bothered with in.... 18+ months?
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I might break and buy Adobe Creative Suite before I buy a kayak. I knoooooow i've been saving up my tips for like three months now for a kayak and i almost have $700 (i'm thinking that i'll need 750-900 depending on the cost of the roof rack i need for the Kia) but omg, i want CS, well specifically i want photoshop but i figure one day i'll probably need inDesign and i know i could use Dreamweaver and Flash now so i might as well buy them altogether so i only have to pay for a [significantly cheaper] upgrade a few years down the road.


tips were SO BAD this week. i barely made $45 probably. hopefully i'll hit a little more than $60 after tomorrows shift since last sunday Cuz and i did much better than weekdays. payday not for another week almost. i guess its a good thing i had to return the boots.

i think i'm going to have to give up eating out and buying coffee every day. and buying dinner at work. i'd probably save, gosh, $45-60 a weak if i did that. then i could probably afford CS and a kayak at the same time. *sigh* being responsible. why am i always reminded to buy stocks on the weekend when the market is closed? *rolls eyes at self*

I have a plan for sure to get caught back up on NaNo. we'll see how well it works though since 3/4 days i have to implement it are workdays *eeps*

must remember to make essay corrections tomorrow for monday.

Stargate Atlantis was interesting today. esp like the end with Rodney. and the beginning with jealous!rodney. and the part in the middle with befuddled!rodney. and sad beaten down/whumped john was very sweet and heart breaking to watch as well. pretty good ep all around. i started rewatching s.5 but stopped because i havent quite recovered from watching The Shrine the first time.

so in summary, want CS so can make SGA icon prettiness *sigh* so so so bad out of practice.


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