Hard Stuff

Aug. 22nd, 2007 02:35 pm
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The last few weeks have been really hard. J left for BASIC training. I never expected how much it would hurt to suddenly not have him around. I spent the first week just sort of in shock. But slowly i'm working my way back online.

updates on DeviantArt. I'm trying to get back to drawing regularly and practicing by drawing BtVS characters. Not brilliant but its practice.

Also started working on a new children's story. its exciting.

school starts in a week and a half. very much not looking forward to it.

going to Canada at the end of this week though to next week to visit relatives. also going to stop in at Victoria and take tea, visit the maritime museum, etc. very excited about that. i need to get to the bank soon to get a little money changed. it's depressing how bad the exchange rate is, at least for us americans ;)

i've been doing a bunch of reading of late on personal finances. it's very interesting stuff. i thought it would be a good idea since i will be 18 soon and an adult. got to start planning for the future.

the most depressing thing is that i wont see J until christmas. i desperately want to go to his graduation but its out in GA and i just dont see my parents letting me go alone. M and I are going to try to convince our parents to let us go together, we'll both be 18, very responsible, and just for threeish days. we'll see. *crosses fingers*

last night

Apr. 29th, 2007 09:47 am
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the nice thing about my livejournal is none of my friends really have this so it's like blogging to the whole world but at the same time, not. doesnt make sense, oh well.

first off, i'm officially addicted to myspace, how dumb is that. it's just so much more convenient than email ultimatly. *shrugs*

last night was prom. we (J&I) went on a doubel date with Meagan and Andrew rather than actually go to prom (since J had drill anyways and we wouldnt have really been able to make it before prom was over essentially). then we all trekked back to meagan's house and watched The Princess Bride, it was much fun. He asked if he could kiss me, we were in the middle of Meagan's dining room, waiting for both M&A to get done with the restroom. but i could hear Andrew washing his hands (the kitchen, casual dining room, and family room are one mostly free open space and the guest bathroom opens into the same room) and i chickened out. so instead, i ended up kissing him, on her couch, when she walked andrew to the door to leave. *headdesk* seriously, what is wrong with me, i kiss my boyfriend for the first time on my best friend's couch, how cliche.

two and half weeks is probably too soon but it's not like i'm going to sleep with him.

he got me a dozen red roses though. they're so pretty. it was a lot of fun.
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a lot has happened in the last three weeks. J and i are officially together. he asked me out during spring break twice, it was fun. i had him over to meet the fam, which was parts awkward at first but ended well. prom is this weekend, but we're skipping it to go on a double date with Andrew whose asked Meagan to come with him. (makes me happy despite the fact that they're just friends by proxy really) James/Dave are being bums about the J thing since neither of them particularly like him but i say screw-em on that issue.

i can't believe we've only got sixish weeks of school left. then just a month and a half before J gets shipped off to BASIC. three months altogether basically.

this weekend should be fun though.
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yeah so a lot has happened in a small amount of time. J said he liked me sunday night, we've agreed to get to know each other better before we rush into anything. not sure how B is going to respond though. Meagan has been my rock and support though.

was driving to school and got a ticket for expired tabs which was major stress and i've got a yrbk deadline on tuesday.

at least we've got a week off coming up.


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