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once more, have people ever bothered eating the power bars that feature so heavily not only on SGA but in fic? cause, umm, sawdust texture they are not. in fact, the type they have on atlantis are some of the moistest i've ever had because they lack soy crisp and granola. even if you leave them open and they get stale the worst they're going to get is hard, extra chewing and maybe even "leathery"

its just very annoying for would be like someone screwing up the taste/texture of coffee. this of course coming from the person who watches The Defiant One and one of her few comments outside of "squee!" is to point out what flavor Sheppard pulls out of his vest -_-

*sighs and goes back to reading*
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went grocery shopping friday. bought 6 power bars. am down to 2. why? because i'm replacing two meal them because i just cant find the enthusiasm needed to either cook (not that theres much of jack in the healthy around here to cook with) and because they're just so yummy i'd rather eat one of them instead of peanut butter or oatmeal or something. i just wish they were less expensive cause yikes. i guess $2-3 for a meal is good but on top of the regular grocery costs etc it stacks up if i'm eating 14 of them a week. -_-

something i've noticed in fic is that people have a tendancy to mention Rodney eating like a handfull of power bars and while he does tend to tear into power bars a lot on the show i'm wondering if people are really rather familiar or have eaten PBs themselves much. i'm a girl so obviously i'll eat less but one original Power Bar (which i think i saw specifically on the show once or twice, it was that or Protein Plus) fills me up after a workout so i can only imagine a guy eating 2-3 for a single meal. yet the way some of these people make out its as if he's eating a 1/2 dozen for a single me or whatever. maybe its just me and i really eat a hell of a lot less then everyone else and people really do eat insane #s of PBs if they like them but it seems inacturate to me. *ponders*

hmm, what to do for an hr...


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