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AHHHH coloured my hair red. Will see how it looks in daylight tomorrow morning *crosses fingers* I havent done red in awhile (not since Jr High i think lol) and i went with a particularly brilliant fake red instead of an auburn because I felt like being a little wild. So, could look spectacularly awful, who knows. I don't have a ginger-complexion but I do have bright green eyes so it's always a bit of a toss up whether it looks ok.

it's summer, i'm bored XD

RE: real life.

I made a deal with my father to get a masters degree next year before i start applying to PDs. In exchange, he is going to pay for Muay Thai KB lessons sometime next year when i move back home to go to Evergreen. I think he dreams of me being a precinct captain. Don't know how to tell him just how much I dislike managing people.
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going to get a hair cut today. i need something thats managable for senior photos. going to copy s. 4 Willow and get her flipped out bob cut i think.

also going to go to a baseball game today. not major league, minor? i dont know. *lol* a friend invited me along and i said sure, why not. i dont actually know anything about baseball.


Aug. 9th, 2005 12:15 pm
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so i finally said the hell with it, watched the first half of Siege III and then dl the next three eps and watched them because its not hard to figure out what happened but omg! *cries* Ford short semi-hysterical blither )

Also, i must admit that it took me twice as long as it should to watch Duet because i kept laughing so hard i was afraid i was going to make myself sick *g* just so wonderfully painful (in the giggly omg! way) to watch.

in other news, i put on make-up! light, fresh looking makeup and pinkish lipstick with lipgloss *boggles at self* i figure though i should probably get back into practice before i actually start having to leave the house again. which, leaving house! i'm going with the sis to get early end-of-the-summer hair cuts before Texan relatives who have never met me and who havent seen the sis in 4-5 yrs arrive.

i still need to clean *bah*
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am i just missing the McKay/Zelenka? is there really some huge following out there i just have no clue about? because *muses on Hot Zone* the **looks** those two gave each other, and the silent communication and and.... there needs to be more McKay/Zelenka if there isnt already. *nods*

now i am going to work on OrigFic and hopefully go to sleep.

wait, one last thing-- hair shall be getting it cutted on the 14th! yay! *boogies* i want short short, gell it, semi-gravity defying hair again. why? cause its been 3 yrs and umm... i'm lazy and i'm going through rubber bands too fast even with barely-past-chin-length hair. hee.


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