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So, i havent really done any art art (like, pencil + paper or heck, even painting art) in humm, 1 1/3 - 2 yrs? i mean, there have been a few hits and misses, but those are few and so much with the missing we'll pretend they dont exist. but tonight i felt inspired to just, *draw* a little. looked up a drool worthy face of JFlan from [ profile] face_of_joe and went to it.

i know that i'll never be very good. that, no matter how much i improve in my own little ways, there will always be people out there *so much* better than me but for once? i just had fun. like i was honestly just scritching away, enjoying myself (usually the trad. art process is just a art of pulling teeth it's incredibly frustrating for me to even attempt *anything*). at the moment, i'm ok with my inferior skill. i want to hold onto this peace. guess that means i shouldnt go browse around DevianArt drooling over the pretty yeah?

i might consider posting a scan only it didnt scan well and it's not actually qual. level of sharing.

i've broken, i've picked up SPN where i stopped watching it so many yrs ago. i dont know how many eps i'll stick it out. last time i only (truthfully) made it through the first 9 before i just got too perpetually creeped out. but i want to see Castiel, he sounds interesting. *screws courage to the sticking place*

i havent done any hw this weekend. oops?

it hurts to forget the revelation i had about the fact that my best friend really isnt my best friend anymore and then get it thrown back in my face. in other words, weird happenings last night at the triplets birthday party, mostly involving my firm and unwavering dislike of JW *pukey face* and Meagan's refusal to be anything but his friend and Kelsey's hmm..... to my face expression of her own dislike of him BUT she invited him so *conflicted* next time the girls at work plan something i swear i am going out with them. i need to expand my list of friends since it seems like the further time takes us the farther Meagan goes away.
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So i've been working on photoshop the past two days, collecting photos, composing in my head and tonight i really started piecing it together. i was going to hit save (as is good periodically) when PS shut itself down.

*dies inside*

this also means that i've used the last of my trial. now i really HAVE to buy a copy asap so i can get back to work on the first piece of digital art i've actually bothered with in.... 18+ months?
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i was browsing from art by [ profile] newkidfan and found this and wow. the art is amazingly complex and just... whoa. there are about a thousand threads running through it all honed down to one sharp image and a story and it's beautiful, amazingly creative and outside the box. and probably a ton of people have already seen it but even if you have it deserves seeing again.

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went back to school yesturday after a pitifully short break.

inbetween hours of SGA re-watching and DW/TW/SJM and SW Galactic Battlegrounds playing (dont ask) i have actually been fairly productive. i rearranged some furniture so that i could move my great aunt's antique sewing machine into the house (its an old Singer built into fold out wings of a desk), posted several things to Craigslist (though i've still got more of that to do -_-), read, painted, and even done some sketching.

my sister and brother-in-law got me a new art easel (its a full size square style with drawer but the legs collapse and fold down to just the size of the drawer/tray so that its portable) and its inspired me to work more at home outside of art class.

sketch 01 sketch 02

in other news--who else just totally loved the Dr Who xmas special and the Torchwood season finale?
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god i could die. i've been working on prepping this garage sale for a good solid week now (it was a neighborhood thing and my sister brought a ton of stuff out to sell with us) and we were working from 7am yesturday til 6pm (with set up and clean up) and you want to know how much i made?


my sister made more (not nearly as much as she wanted mind but moor at least) and my mum made more too. but my god, i spent SO MUCH time working first on my stuff and then helping my sister get ready. and i had tis plan that the money i made would help fund start-up jewelry costs cause i need another pait of pliers and some more wire and preferebly more beads but at this rate i dont even know if i'm going to have enough to pay a library fine.

i guess this was a good experience though--its not me never to do a garage sale like this again. at least never to put so much work into it thats for sure.

i think i'm still going to try to sell my books at one of the local used book stores maybe but only if they're willing to give me a descent amount of money cause i have a lot, most of them are series book from a couple that i really really read as a child and over half are in new condition so they really could sell. or i might put them on CraigsList and see if anyone bites on the price i'd like for them.

final note, new piece of artwork


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i can't enter the state fair. well, i could if i wanted to falsely enter the High School Category which awards the schools winner money instead of the students and doesnt give out proper fair ribbons but like hell i'm going to do that considering I've financed all of my artwork by scrimping and saving the change my dad gives me.

see at county level i entered the in the Open Class Fine Arts catagory but at the State they only allow people 18yrs and older to enter and i'll only be 17 by fair time. and they do have a "youth show" but A) it's not until the spring and B) it's for people up to the age of 15. whats up with that? are people my age simply not creative and artistic people outside of a fucking "being forced to do art" class?

it makes me kind of sick.


Aug. 3rd, 2006 08:22 am
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i went with a couple friends to the fair yesturday (won blue ribbons on both my paintings btw *squee*) and we played one of those carvnival games to try to win goldfish. between the three of us and about 50 ping pong balls we didnt make a single win but the guy gave us each a fish anyways (though only M and i took one--her's is named Pharoah and mine is Octopus, named after two of the rides we went on) and afterwards we stopped at Pet's Mart and picked up bowl and food and stopped at Michaels (a craft store) to pick up rocks.

so, i have a pet for the first time in 7 or so yrs. and my very first fish. its kinda dun and really cool just to watch him in his little tank though he isnt super swimmy though maybe that's because he's still stressed? i mean... dont fish usually swim to the top to get food when you feed them? or no? i have no idea because i've never had to really take care of a fish before *eek* it does look like he's eating so maybe everythings ok...

anyway, its fun *sheepish*
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summers good. spent 2 weeks in Texas. Galveston was a lot of fun despite the touristy-ness of much of it, Orange was depressing, Beaumount was fun, wish i could have shopped in Huston but oh well.

i signed up for Deviant art here:

i picked out my yrbk staff next yr and submitted the list to the office. i really hope the people work together well and that i chose wisely. i've never done it before and it was a very interesting experience i must say.

i need a paying gig of some sort.

that is all.

i vacilate

Mar. 5th, 2006 01:59 pm
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between making icons, watching Dr. Who, and itching to write a bit.

i made

the other day during one of my classes. done in Photoshop CS with nothing but the programs defaults. i was pretty happy with it *sheepish*

major life updates... i've started to make some funky art/jewelry pieces i'm hopeful of selling locally within the next year or so. i've decided to turn my car into a freestyle art project this summer.

spring play production has begun...we're doing a moder mystery but imo, the writing's pretty crap and if werent for the fact that several friends are doing it as well, i kinda wish i hadnt tried for a part. but oh well, too late now *shrugs*


Feb. 14th, 2006 04:20 pm
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hahaha. so, valentines day.. i'm rather indifferent to this holiday, don't hate, don't look forward to it...just kidna watch it go by. Dylan gave me choc. during chem which was uber!nice of him (especially cause it had almonds and was made from mostly whole ingrediants so i could indulge *lol*) and mysterious cookies appeared in my locker but i gave those to Billy because a)he wanted them and b) i couldnt vouch for what was in them and i'm avoiding baked goods. also i passed out all of the invitations Jenn was having me deliver for her party this weekend -_-

and, here's a quick icon-y update. multiple subjects, multiple styles, multiple reasons for making them. credits are min, comment and credit if you use :)

XF (3) )
VM (5) )
Buffy/AtS (5) )
BSG (3) )
Stargate SG1 (6) )
Stargate Atlantis (4) )
Misc (2) )
Banners (1) )

And thats all she wrote....
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they're great and the people who make them are amazingly talented and so wonderful for being willing to share their talents. and it would be so easy to dl those brushes and save copies of those textures or patterns to my computer. and it would cut down so much on the time i spend making stuff and everything i made would probably look better. so. easy. but its like that old adage "give a man a fish, he eats for a day but teach a man how to fish, he'll feed himself for a lifetime." therefore i must resist all the gorgeous goodies out there and trudge along through the artistic shadows.

but hey, i've got pumkin pie so the world really isnt so bad :D

in other news, my car is fixed *cheers* and my parents gave me an early chirstmas pressie--a treadmill! its sitting in the kitchen half assembled just at the moment cause i'm trying to bake bread for a history project (eating and grabbing dinner while i wait for the yeast to prep) but i plan on finishing the assembly once i put the dough out to rise.

timer just rang so i'm off. hope everyone had a good wednesday!
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snickers popables? sooooooooooo very addictive. i figure i deserve them post!school *lol* hw! hw on the first day! at least its a 3 day weekend.

ugg, no more popables, darn those things are sweet *feels slightly sick* still, addictive!

oh, and gip! i was trying to expirament with the use of open space. i think it turned out not too horrible *squints*
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i have no project. .. well, ok, i *could* continue the Romeo & Juliet reading but read/wrote notes on 10pgs of that already today and thats all i have to do to have it finished in 9 days so i'm, for once, right on schedule. so, project. i dont have any collage ideas banging down my door and it seems like half the blend challenge sites i like to frequent are on brb status and i cant settle on an icon subject and i'd be totally cool with writing mcshep or at least *trying* to write mcshep but i have no writerly muse. ooooooooooo! Eskimo is on the radio!

i guess i can share


collage i made earlier for a challenge at effulgent blends (yes i'm feeling a bit lazy). i'm pretty happy with it despite the bad quality of the pics. i think it works that they're semi-out of focus. the challenge was to pic one of 15or so phrases and make something inspired by them. this was supposed to represent Buffy's maturity not just literally but in a more figurative sense (from the way she threw a temper tantrum in Prophecy Girl to her actions in taking out Adam/confronting the First Slayer)

*sways* the opera part!! gawd, thats amazing.


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