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a 70 year old woman from/living/working in/whatever London, England is calling the Academy Award voters out of touch with America? umm, wtf?


i dont care why she's lashing out, she could do it a bit more intelligently and less emotionally i think.

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Aug. 31st, 2005 10:12 am
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so.... Meet Joe Black started out vageuly creepy in an ok, this is entertaining way, then got funny, then got emotionally painful, it just hurt (in a mostly good, i'm still watching want to see how it ends way), and then it ended really the only way it could end "happily" but i must say... they totally fudged it. the whole movie was slowly paced and then they just squished the happy ending into the end of the bday party and made it stupid and unbelievable (more stupid and unbelievable). it felt a bit like they totally backed themselves into a corner with the plot and then didnt try jack to get themselves out, just vaguely clawed at the walls and whimpered a few times hoping the prettiness of Brad Pitt would redeem them only the girl acted even stupidier then she had earlier in the movie.

not worth more then $10 definitly but i think on a whole so long as i stop it right before she goes running after them as they walk over the bridge and just ignore that last scene and make up my own scene in my head it'll be a keeper *lol* just.. yeah, the ending sucked big time. and jeeze, it was just under 3 hrs long *yawns* i was up past 4am watching the sucker.

hmmm, i want to get The Sixth Sense next. you know, after i find a cheepish copy of K-PAX and finally watch the ending -_-


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