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So I read this:

"A note to users of RP, Meme and other communities, where subject line is crucial for operation: for the moment we are developing only standard commenting representation, well know in LiveJournal as S1 styles, but we will keep subject lines, both in terms of form and representation, in advanced — S2 — styles, and provide an ability to keep it forever for certain communities, as well as, by request, will develop an extra functionality for such communities thru OpensSocial applications going public next year."

On a preview page for the new comment layouts and you know what would be SO MUCH SIMPLER than having all these different styles and trying grandfather certain comms with titled comments etc etc? Leaving the comments the fuck alone. I know, radicle idea right, leaving something that has worked for ages (10+ years) alone and making your users happy. Who ever thought of that?

I mean seriously livejournal, what harm were comment titles doing you? it's not like people HAD to put in a title if they didnt want to, they could just leave it blank and then it would show up ... without a title. And for everyone else who regularly wades through pages and pages of comments and stratified comments, titles were extremely useful. And it's not just comms, RP and memes who use the bloody comment titles for fuck sake, regular people in their regular journals also receive hundreds and hundreds of comments, a situation where again titles? SO useful at organizing and directing the reader.

You'd think that after the great Delicious fail and massive fan migration other fanservices would pay attention to things that are bad: ie redesigns that alienate your users. But apparently you can't. So fuck you livejournal, I have been a faithful user since 2003. I havent moved to any of the other free blog fan networks because I always felt at home here but this really cuts the cake.

I suggest you wake up and notice people's displeasure with your shitty changes or I believe you'll see a great Livejournal Migration of 2011 because guess what? We have options, there is nothing that says we have to use you.


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