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So I ended up stuck sitting on the floor in a major hallway waiting for my afternoon CJ class (its an old terrible building with extremely limited seating and power plugs /wrists) and so I was at the perfect eye level to observe dozens of people walking by.

Am I the only person struck by the strangeness of the shaved leg phenomenon? It's.... not actually at all a natural state for the most part and on such condensed display I found it fascinating and bizarre.

Perhaps I should explain that I go to a college populated by 90% disgustingly fit and active people. So when I say 70-90% of the women i've seen are wearing daisy dukes and tanning bed tanned skin, I'm literally not exaggerating. so i've observed a fuckton of bare leg today, all flawlessly, unnaturally smooth (and fake-tanned).

I don't really have any conclusions to draw from this I just found it... jarring. I myself shave once every two weeks if i remember to do it, carry 40lbs more than I should, am pretty damn pale and definitely do not wear daisy dukes (when i was fit and thinner back in HS I didnt wear shorts either because I think theyre horribly uncomfortable the way they ride and bunch just ugh, i'd rather wear a short dress and converse). it's not so much about feeling like an outsider, because i've always felt like an anthropologist observing the strange and vapid creature that is my fellow student body here at WSU, its just a fascinating visual comparison highlighting how very strange i am here.


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