Jan. 12th, 2011

winter_rogue: (SGA- Vegas- Alone winter_rogue)
spent most of last night in considerable amounts of pain. My period just started, i pulled a muscle in my bad, my stomach feels like i have food poisoning (this is on top of normal cramps) and i'm pretty sure i had a fever at least last night (i dont have a thermometer so it's not something i can quantitatively monitor, this is just a gut feeling)

i'm a little worried i have appendicitis. which would really really blow because i dont know which med facility i should go to in this town, i JUST STARTED THE FUCKING SEMESTER (as is, i had to miss class today because i was up every hr or so from 11pm to 7am and didnt really get to sleep until 8am which is when i need to start thinking about getting ready to catch the bus) and i cant afford to take a week off to recover from surgery while a whole in my torso closes up. and the very idea of dealing with getting to a hospital and getting back to my apt and caring for myself on my own while heavily medicated and with a theoretical whole in my torso... the logistics are just such a screaming nightmare i can't think about it.

lets hope it's just some freaking stomach bug hitting me perversely on the same day as my fucking period.



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