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I was going to link this ( and make interested/excited noises about it but, honestly, it's so tropey I actually can't help but feel a little sick.

From "Ways of Seeing: Visual Parameters of Women in Film" by Benshoff & Griffin: " in western culture are taught that it is their birthright to DO things (run, jump, desire, look) while women remain relatively immobile in order to be the object of the male gaze."

I am so sick and tired of my gender being relegated to the OBjective drive of the narrative, the arresting OBject of the action, the OBjectified scenery. I'm sick of watching films where I have to appropriate the white-male-hetero perspective to appreciate the material in a meaningful, thought provoking and engaged manner. I am sick to death that the only film I can even bring to mind featuring an active and presumably three dimensional SUBject is Salt (i say presumably because I havent had the opportunity to watch this film yet).
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In the process of working through Joseph Gorden-Levitt's indie film catalog (because it's ridiculous I remember the day the Brick trailer went live and yet I didn't get around to watching it until last night /facepalm of shame) and all I have to say is (500) Days of Summer is pretty much the story of my heart. I figured it would be, it looked simply too delicious, but it was even more than I had expected. It hit just about every single one of my buttons. Now, as afore mentioned, I'm watching Brick which is just lovely. The closest I can come to describing it is, Noir Shakespeare. I would love to see some Arthur/Eames where Arthur is the grown-up Brandon, because that kid is a bamf.

Also watched Tom Hardy in Stuart: a life backwards (theme?! what are you talking about!) which just broke my heart. His performance was astounding, plus bonus adorable Benedict Cumberbatch! and the story was just, poignant, funny, sad, frightening difficult and hysterically gross. After I'm finished with Brick I will probably try to get my hands on a copy of Bronson (even tho Hardy is just... waaay scary looking x.x) because everyone keeps saying it's a brilliant indie film esp for how tiny a budget it has (and I am a hugehugehuge fan of brilliantly put together movies made w/o an endless moneyroll).

A friend recently intro'd me to Mumford & Sons (NO I don't know how I've never heard them before) and I've been listening to them like a sponge. I leave you with this rec : Clicky! Awake My Soul


Mar. 18th, 2009 09:57 pm
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Before i forget this:

went to see Watchmen, as someone who has never read the comics i dont really have a review or response, as an "uniformed simpleton" i thought it extremely interesting and cinematically cool. but that's not what this is about. having spent all of last quarter in my cultural anthropology class i find myself slipping into the mind set of questioning the deeper significance between "normal" things around me. so i was sitting there going, "why do none of the women wear masks? all of the men have masks, but the three women dont. why?" then i had a thought: they're sexuality is their mask.

i don't want to mar my enjoyment of the film but i find this an interesting idea to be further investigated at a later date.

altogether glad i went, might have to pick up the comic, spring break is almost here. maybe i can take it with me on the knowledge bowl road trip ;)
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Hmm, yup, bought a little "double feature" Boondock Saints/Fight Club. I've seen the former before and thought it was entertaining though kinda *shrugs* i think it definitely grows on you. love the brothers, great together (Sean Patrick Flannery is cute too darn) and Willem DeFoe is awesome, though i think as a whole someone *cough* Troy Duffy *cough* watched Leon a couple dozen times as a kid, and the only sad thing is, i doubt anyone else my age realizes it. that's just a shame.

in other news, i made frosted sugar cookies. they are delicious and super simple! i was very pleased.

i think i'll end up working St Patrick's Day which means i'm going to have to go out and buy some green *big grin*

working on my super soft rainbow blanket, approx 6/20 finished as soon as i attached the 6th square. i'm really liking the pattern,, it's simple to follow and has to attach the squares as you go (instead of attaching them all at the end) which means the joining round is worked right into the final round of the square being attached, makes for much smoother and seamless attaching imo. shall post pics once i'm further along.

so, the sun is finally peeking out from behind the ever persistent Washington cloud cover. makes me all itchy, i *really* want to get my motorcycle endorsement. its freezing but gorgeous outside, i want the wind in my face and parking up front at school. if only my parents had let me go for it when i was 18 it only would have cost $50, now i'm looking at $250 or $150 if i can get state subsidizing *crosses fingers*

still fighting adobe over refunding me for their goddamn mess up. *anger*

but for now, i'm going to go back to the amusing little headspace left by Boondock Saints. homework can wait another 15min.


Aug. 22nd, 2008 10:57 am
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Yeah, so i just finished marathoning all three x-men movies (shut-up, i like the xmen) and i think the whole reason the third one flops is for the simple reason that Brian Singer wasnt in charge. straight up.

its so depressing. when it comes to art--which is what good movies are--why cant people just put aside all their differences for the sake of the project? not that i blame him, cuase the imdb article on the hang-ups between him and Fox were particularly vague but it just all sounds so dreadfully reminiscent of Joss Whedon's problems getting the RIpper spin-off off the ground etc.

maybe Fox just has issues, who knows.

In other news, cranking out my little knitting project, i did about...gosh almost 9" of small rib + small stockinette stitch in about 3 days working off and on for several hrs each day. but i got it done so i can work on the bust pattern i think i have to do about 4 1/2 more inches of that before shaping the armholes. its an adventure.

I finally watched the BBC Persuasion from last yr. I broke down and dled BitTorrent so i could get it since one of the links had expired. I think i might become a torrent addict now cause i really want to get a copy of Children of Dune too (shut-up, its James McAvoy and Dune Messiah was the best book) But back to Persuasion--lovely, so so lovely. I love Rupert Penry Jones. and the chick was good. Plus Anthony Stewart Head playing the obnoxious self-involved father was great.

I've also started writing a little again. There was a good month where i felt disinclined to writing, it all turned out crap. but i get so bored at work i've picked it up again. i really like what i've written so far, but beginnings were never the problem, its the middle bits that get me, shifting from the easy opening descriptive exposition to actual action and adventure and dialogue. *sigh*

Thats about it.

Currently Watching: Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day


Jun. 16th, 2008 01:38 am
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Yup, its taken ten years but i've finally watched Saving Private Ryan. such a good movie. so many actors who went on to do other stuff. but man, did i wish i had a tissue *sheepish*

I think Band of Brothers is still my favourite though. i just love Damien Lewis' character Capt Winters so much. but this was cool, Pvt Ryan being from Easy Co. i knew nothing about the film when my dad bought it the other day and i caught a snippet of it from the other room when he watched it and they were like "oh, yeah, with the 101st" and i go, "oh, Easy Co." BoB was like being a part of the company and also less main characters actually died since they were being interviewed yrs later. SPV was just so sad.

and good old Mrs Bixby. we had that question several times in Knowledge Bowl every year but we could never seem to remember her name. you can learn almost everything you need for KB from enough movies.

In other news, i have a dentist appt tomorrow to fix a chipped tooth. its sure to be horrendous.

i meant to read the next 50 pgs of Heir to the Empire today but i was too busy with the fam. we had pizza and i made a pineapple upside down cake (out of an iron skillet even) and we played skittles with the new set my nephew got for his birthday. all lots of fun. and my sister gave me some pretty cool shop links and designer names off/for ebay.

must go to bed. i cant believe in a week i'm going to have to start getting up early enough to make a 7:30am class. thats just sick.
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moving linearly from Friday, well Thursday night, i lost some notes for a class and didnt have time to study for a test in that class thursday night. which, normally wouldnt be such a losss, its just one test right? could be, then again, last quarter this proff only ever got around to giving out one test -_-

that night it snowed and we all sat waiting with bated breath to see whether they would close the campus or delay classes. within a 50 mi radius (and yes, there are several other school within that radiu *lol*) we were the only place to stay open. again, i didnt not have all my hw done for my first class but this time i actually did ok.

the rest of the day proceeded in a horrendous little satirical comedy where i screwed up a lot and didnt get much done and probably got a bunch of crappy grades.

TA story...sort of )
Shane and the quick read )
Quickie non-indepth movie talk )
and yup, thats the highlights. art post might be forthcoming today if i remember to do it *lol*


Jul. 30th, 2005 10:57 pm
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10 mins left of K-PAX and what happens? the channel goes on the fritz, not even sound. *cries* i love Kevin Spacey movies because they're so often those mind bending, journey through the psyche sort of tales and i was really enjoying this one and *flails* i dont know how it ends! i can conjecture but i want to *know* grr. i'm just going to have to swing a trip to Target i guess and see if its reasonably priced.

EDIT: calories consumed post not-getting-to-see-end-of-a-movie dont count right? *tries to brighten her mood before she falls into a deep pit of despair...despair!!*
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just got around to watching The Missing and, hmm, i think its a keeper. i mean, dude, brilliance putting Cate Blanchett and Tomy Lee Jones in a movie together! and the girl who played the younger sister was great (she recently played Bailey in Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and made me cry, Dakota Fanning look out *lol*) i grew up watching John Wayne westerns cause m'da liked them and so the western medium is sort of like, i dunno, home or childhood to me, its nice to see a well done modern one.

i can see why The Missing didnt get a lot of rave reviews because it *is* a western and its not exactly a "everyone feels good in the end" sort of story. i really loved the TLJ character for that reason, he was different and such a jackass.

it gave me a Searchers feel ... different but similar.


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