Jan. 17th, 2011

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So I used to be a barista. It was a job I both loved and hated (loved the regulars, hated the dumbasses etc lol) but I do miss it, especially while I'm still in school because if you're a good barista in a decent area you really can make bank (for a minimum wage job). Plus, I genuinely enjoy making espresso, I think it's fun.

Last night I had an ongoing nightmare that a friend and former coworker asked me to make her an americano and I spent the entire dream breaking three different espresso machines trying to make it for her. It was terrible. It was worse than the dream I had where I was on Hells Kitchen (don't ask >.>) and what was really terrible is I would wake up from it, roll over and promptly fall back into the dream. I slept through two alarms thanks to this dream. And of course when I woke up, the first thing I craved was a descent cup of coffee and a pastry, queue tall quad mocha and a disgustingly sweet biscotti cookie (I'll no doubt have a nice sugar coma later)

I wish I had PSCS on this laptop :(


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