Jan. 14th, 2011

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In the process of working through Joseph Gorden-Levitt's indie film catalog (because it's ridiculous I remember the day the Brick trailer went live and yet I didn't get around to watching it until last night /facepalm of shame) and all I have to say is (500) Days of Summer is pretty much the story of my heart. I figured it would be, it looked simply too delicious, but it was even more than I had expected. It hit just about every single one of my buttons. Now, as afore mentioned, I'm watching Brick which is just lovely. The closest I can come to describing it is, Noir Shakespeare. I would love to see some Arthur/Eames where Arthur is the grown-up Brandon, because that kid is a bamf.

Also watched Tom Hardy in Stuart: a life backwards (theme?! what are you talking about!) which just broke my heart. His performance was astounding, plus bonus adorable Benedict Cumberbatch! and the story was just, poignant, funny, sad, frightening difficult and hysterically gross. After I'm finished with Brick I will probably try to get my hands on a copy of Bronson (even tho Hardy is just... waaay scary looking x.x) because everyone keeps saying it's a brilliant indie film esp for how tiny a budget it has (and I am a hugehugehuge fan of brilliantly put together movies made w/o an endless moneyroll).

A friend recently intro'd me to Mumford & Sons (NO I don't know how I've never heard them before) and I've been listening to them like a sponge. I leave you with this rec : Clicky! Awake My Soul


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