Jan. 9th, 2011

winter_rogue: (xander doo-med)
Starring at the rough outline for a Reinstatement Essay. fml. how did I come to this?

I have litterally squandered the last 12 months of my life on online gaming. And now, my academic gps in ribbons, literally thousands of dollars frittered on classes I never attended, and my position at the college hangs by a tenuous thread. Melodramitic perhaps, but no less true.

Semester starts tomorrow, I am officially enrolled in 1 class, though I'm not technically eligible for any classes, and I have to take my reinstatement workshop and hope they let me continue for spring semester. I also will have to convince 4(?) professors to let me drop into their classes. FinAid informed me that there's no way for me to bring up my GPA enough by the end of Spring to be eligible to renew my scholarship (doesn't mean I don't fully intend on class-loading this semester and proving the suits wrong >.> because I pulled 23 quarter credits at a 3.9 out of my ass before).

And here I am, blogging instead of working on the essay itself. It's like the sight of a word document freezes all the air in my body, shuts down my minimally functioning brain and inspires me to present amazing symptoms of ADD.


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