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This was snagged from a meme i did in...2005? HAHA. I think i just took the first line? from a post from each month *shrugs*

This year was only semi-lj present but here goes nothin...

February - Join the Resistance

May -I'm trying to raise money for college so please take the time and just vote.

June - So, i've spent the past couple weeks (2-3) job hunting and applying to various places.

July - Well, i signed up to make smallville icons at i_episode. (haha, yeah that didn't happen)

August - I'm a big dork maybe but i love the fair.

September - Well, the knit-in-the-round tank top did not turn out right. it did, in fact, came out kelsey sized.

October -

Go. Now.

November - my sister just lost her baby.

December - Not that we didn't already know Stargate writers arent always the most original people when it comes to stealing from themselves but...

I don't really know what, if anything, that all says about me ;)
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My Year in Review Meme

- 2 1/2 hrs of non stop work and i finally finished my entry for the Color/Emotion challenge at blend_it.

February - i was going to do hw this morning. oops?

March - i'm taking the morning off.

April - i made some butterscottch blondie brownies for one of my classes today and they are sooooooooooo good.

May - da's fishing trip was sort of cancelled this morning and now he's stomping around the rent's house while mum blathers on about this and that and fully looking stupid.

welcome to a normal sunday morning with my parents.

June - v. tired. finals start a week from today which yay!for it being so close to the end of the yr but at the same time bugger!finals!

July - Keira Knightly cant stop at ruining the character of Guinivere but now she has to screw with Elizabeth Bennett?! whhhhhhhhy cruel Fate, why?!

August - "you know yoga's relaxed you when..." you fall asleep in the second to last pose (corpse pose) and suddenly jerk apright asking yourself "how long exactly have we been in lotus?

September - omg, tomorrow is friday.

October - i baked bread and drank Russian tea and tomorrow i shall see about getting my hands on some squash or fresh pumpkin and bake muffins and soup.

Novermeber - so, the first half of the semester is over and we received midterms.

December - moving linearly from Friday, well Thursday night, i lost some notes for a class and didnt have time to study for a test in that class thursday night.

in other news, i spent 7 hrs yesturday working on meeting our next yrbk deadline and am now officially sick. ugg.


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