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Mar. 29th, 2012 03:48 am
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Go to your latest WIP, the seventh page, seven lines down and post the next seven lines:

Thus far his own efforts, while productive in other ways, had only managed to exhaust him, leaving his mind free to spin off in whichever direction it chose. Just now it really wanted to come back around and dwell awhile on Eames despite Arthur’s determination to fully ignore the other man’s existence.

He sent back a sympathetically worded reply to Phillipa and spent a ridiculous amount of time flipping through the photos from Ariadne. The last one contained an actual message:

Text from Ariadne: U kind of dropped off the map after the last job?

Kind of boring, not too embarrassing lol

I really need to post the next part of this wip -.- I left off at a TERRIBLE point
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Inception Kink Meme fill currently hovering @ 12.7k and we have like... SO MUCH LEFT TO GET THROUGH. How has this happened? I definitely spent about 3k there in the middle with Arthur being sad and pathetic that I hadn't planned on (and bonus shower masturbation idek). I'm really not looking forward to editing this for de-anoning and final posting /sigh but at the same time I know there are lots of little bits that need to be cleaned up and probably the entire middle needs to be tweeked and tightened so it putters along less.

I'm working really hard to get at least 1 update finished a day (@ about 700-750 words/update) though so hopefully I'll have it finished in the next... two weeks?

I think this is officially the second longest thing I've written and the closest long piece I've been to finishing though so go me \o/ I'm very excited about it. I might almost even sort of be looking forward to writing the porn which is unusual (usually it fills me with trepidation. I would much rather write action and gore =/)


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