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Inception Kink Meme fill currently hovering @ 12.7k and we have like... SO MUCH LEFT TO GET THROUGH. How has this happened? I definitely spent about 3k there in the middle with Arthur being sad and pathetic that I hadn't planned on (and bonus shower masturbation idek). I'm really not looking forward to editing this for de-anoning and final posting /sigh but at the same time I know there are lots of little bits that need to be cleaned up and probably the entire middle needs to be tweeked and tightened so it putters along less.

I'm working really hard to get at least 1 update finished a day (@ about 700-750 words/update) though so hopefully I'll have it finished in the next... two weeks?

I think this is officially the second longest thing I've written and the closest long piece I've been to finishing though so go me \o/ I'm very excited about it. I might almost even sort of be looking forward to writing the porn which is unusual (usually it fills me with trepidation. I would much rather write action and gore =/)
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This isn’t something you hold (it can’t be broken)
By: [ profile] winter_rogue
Rating: R for sex
Pairing: Arthur/Eames
Words: 700
Summary: for [ profile] love_bingo prompt: how do you mend a broken heart?

My love is either hard and painful or sweet and gooey, this is the former )
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Does this bullet leave an exit wound?
By: [ profile] winter_rogue
Rating: PG-13 for violence
Pairing: Arthur/Eames pre-slashy?
Warning: violence, people get shot
Word Count: 2400
Summary: for [ profile] angst_bingo prompt ‘bullet wounds.’ Five bullets plus one.
A/N: ok ok, I've been pulling my hair out over trying to write for the past two years. I literally haven't been able to compose anything of substance since 2008 nanowrimo. This is my first foray into Inception fic and my first completed anything (not ficlet shaped) in forever. Unbata'd, full of issues included tense abuse and many many run-on sentences because I've always approached writing like an abstract painting. I'm sure but the POINT for me is that I got this out, that it's written and complete and .. something.

Five Bullets Plus One )
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Cut for uh.. whoa )

still need an Inception icon /flail/ maybe will get on that today.
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Inception is 9.99 on itunes right now, oh yes it is XD

still making ridiculous gimme gimme hands for more K/S Star Trek:Reboot
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In the process of working through Joseph Gorden-Levitt's indie film catalog (because it's ridiculous I remember the day the Brick trailer went live and yet I didn't get around to watching it until last night /facepalm of shame) and all I have to say is (500) Days of Summer is pretty much the story of my heart. I figured it would be, it looked simply too delicious, but it was even more than I had expected. It hit just about every single one of my buttons. Now, as afore mentioned, I'm watching Brick which is just lovely. The closest I can come to describing it is, Noir Shakespeare. I would love to see some Arthur/Eames where Arthur is the grown-up Brandon, because that kid is a bamf.

Also watched Tom Hardy in Stuart: a life backwards (theme?! what are you talking about!) which just broke my heart. His performance was astounding, plus bonus adorable Benedict Cumberbatch! and the story was just, poignant, funny, sad, frightening difficult and hysterically gross. After I'm finished with Brick I will probably try to get my hands on a copy of Bronson (even tho Hardy is just... waaay scary looking x.x) because everyone keeps saying it's a brilliant indie film esp for how tiny a budget it has (and I am a hugehugehuge fan of brilliantly put together movies made w/o an endless moneyroll).

A friend recently intro'd me to Mumford & Sons (NO I don't know how I've never heard them before) and I've been listening to them like a sponge. I leave you with this rec : Clicky! Awake My Soul


Jan. 6th, 2011 04:32 am
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Nothing very useful accomplished /headdesk/

I've been playing with a couple script ideas. Poking and stretching characters in my head and trying to figure out how they work. I worked through a very rough summary yesterday but find it impossible to actually write. I have a feeling it's to me what parallel parking is (ever since my driver's exam I have, mentally, been unable to parallel park despite going into the test being able to do it). It's a very frustrating, blank or gap in myself. I certainly never wrote consistent volumes but I did nano two years in a row and back when btvs was still on air I would write semi regular snippets. I remember writing on folded up scraps of paper in text books in class so it would look like I was taking notes. I need to get over this block.

I'm flying back to my apt (home? idk if thats really what I want to call it though I probably should) in a few hours. I should make a to-do list, there are so many things I need to accomplish in the next week and a half. I am more than a little bit worried about school, but I guess we all have to make shitty life decisions and learn from our mistakes (at least my problem was video games and not drugs?)

alkjdgkjha I need to finish packing. I somehow managed to purchase half a library's worth of used books I swear to god in the barely two weeks I've been on holiday. As is, my parents are going to have to ship a couple boxes across the state to me /facepalm/

I believe since I last journaled I finally kicked my butt into gear and watched Inception. It's been a few VERY blurry days (mostly of me mainlining Eames/Arthur) but I should probably collect and record my thoughts for my own edification for they are many. I really desperately want a physical copy of the damn film, almost enough to pay new purchase price for it --consequently if someone can tell me FOR CERTAIN whether or not Eames calls anyone else by petnames???? I would be very interested --

ETA: about a year and a half later I finally watched The Good Night because Martin Freeman is adorable and he and Simon Pegg together are funny and it made me cry so go watch it. It's quietly wonderful (and sort of dovetailed my Inception addiction inadvertantly)


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