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Anyone else watching Wilfred? srsly love the shit out of this show, I want to get my hands on the original run.
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We're coming up on that time of year again where I increasingly find myself wanting to make Fuck you Brad Wright etcetc my permanent status. Because.... because SGA ending is like... idk, the worst breakup ever. Like a death. Like a lot of badbadbad things. I've been watching stargate since it aired, for the very first time. I was the one person in my family who watched it every week and adored the SG1 team to little tiny pieces and later my sister got them on dvd and was like "OMG all these yrs I suddenly why you've been watching this" and ok---like in SG1 I always had a thing for quirky a-hole Dr McKay who was in a whole THREE EPISODES but w/e he was awesome, it was like seeing myself trying to interact with people (I internalize my vitriol re: peers/coworkers/morons etc a little better but otherwise) AND THEN THEY PUT HIM ON HIS OWN SHOW along with all these other amazing people (Teyla! Ronon! Dr Z! Ford!(q.q) John!the most emotionally retarded pretty princess ever!) and like i adore DH to pieces (Where the Heart is the movie with him and Uma Therman and Dabne Coleman and the chick from Titanic is like one of my top five fav films ok), PIECES, and then

they cancelled it.

They wrote The Last Man, The Shrine and Vegas and then they cancelled it.

I still havent been able to bring myself to watch the final episode I was SO UPSET about the cancellation. It's been ... idk 2 yrs now? I still can't do it. I quite possibly will never watch it, I haven't really decided yet.

And I wont say that the show wasnt deeply flawed because, omg, it was. And basically I can't stand Carson and his mad scientist so far beyond questionable genetic experimentation ways (really IDEK what is going on with that, I kind of just want to cling to Ronon through that whole arc and make BUH faces at these stupid earthlings). So, deeply flawed, but there was so much potential. There was so much interesting stuff. I mean, the intrinsic premise is a FLYING CITY THAT YOU CONTROL WITH YOUR MIND. How is that ever not amazing? I love little self contained universes. A part of this speaks to the tiny trekker in me that still loves DS9 almost the best (don't judge, it's a sister thing >.>)


And, watching McKay learn to be a better person and watching people learn to love him despite himself at times, yeah, I liked that ok. It speaks to me. And I'm a young fan. I'm barely 22, I mean, I think I'm the target audience that SG:Universe is supposed to cater to or something, according to the statements I've read.

But no, it most definitely didnt bother me that the entire cast of Atlantis was having babies and hitting 40, and JFlan's greying hair was hot, ok.

So fuck you Brad Wright. Fuck you and your shiny, pretentious new show. Fuck you for taking away my campy (SG1 will always be the pinnacle of adorable campy awesomeness ty RDA) show with its flying city, bitchy chief science officer and his ridiculous flyboy. Fuck. You.
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But I'm not really sure where to begin.

On holiday, wooo. It's amazing how being done with classes and going to bed at a reasonable time turns me into a lay sod who sleeps almost ten hrs a day if I don't get the alarm back a bit. Spent a few days in P-town because it snowed the morning I was supposed to fly out (very big fail! and i was very cranky because I was not looking forward to another thanksgiving hullabaloo) but I finally got out yesterday. It is very nice to be back South of Seattle where it is rainy and not nearly as cold and there isnt a snowflake in sight. I was, however, vaguely sad that I couldn't figure out how to get my umbrella on the plane >.> alas

In the 6 months I've been gone I've forgotten how cold my parent's house gets, like DAMN. I woke up curled in the featal position buried under the covers this morning. But bathrobes = win and I left mine here so I am very happy. Now I get to sit around drinking coffee (!) in my bathrobe going lalala because I'm not entirely sure what to do with myself. Will have to do some knitting later as the monster!bee!scarf for the nephew is certainly not knitting itself.

Having no car and no bus system is very sad though. :( lol tonight or tomorrow I think I will try to get out to the theatre and see something, Harry Potter possibly because I still have yet to see it -.-

Have been resisting the urge to mainline Sherlock reruns and have consoled myself by only rewatching the pilot and just running back over a couple key scenes again and again and.. *cough* (the nicotine patch scene where Cumberbatch literally groans? i mean, come on! *melts*).Cut for Ramble Because it Got Away From Me )

And finally, I've been watching the highlights of Doctor 10, well some of them at least. And rewatching Torchwood in between those so that I can watch the short series 3 they did, which I have a feeling I shall be somewhat cranky about but, open minds. Read news that there will be a 4 series of what amounts to Torchwood!America. Cannot say I was thrilled upon reading this, however, really adore John Barrowman and therefore might try to tough it out whenever it finally airs (sometime 2011?). There's much I have to say about TW but I think I'll just end this by saying watching the Torchwood crew work w/o Jack is like watching the Scoobies fight vampires w/o Buffy -- painful and infinitely entertaining.
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i posted this awhile back on my fb but that isn't really the proper place for it.

I've been mostly gone from LJ due to a rather bad breakup with SGA (I still haven't watched the series finale, a part of me just can't do it). But you know, there are always new shows, and good shows, so it was foolish of me to think I could really replaced fandom with world of warcraft (save me!).

Some thoughts on the current stargate situation....
From November 5, 2010 )
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Rewatching season 4... am I honestly the only person who really dislikes Anna? Who tends to agree that she is wrong?

I mean, you compare her to Castiel, both with doubts and questions, only Castiel never disobeyed his Father, in fact, he only disobeyed his superiors to protect all of creation which, theologically speaking, would seem to go hand-in-hand with his purpose.

But Anna? her whining speech to Dean explaining why she fell? boo-freaking-hoo. it just seems to scream Faithless and Self-Centered and she just rubs me the wrong way.

otherwise I think I would enjoy Heaven & Hell. and also? There are somethings Uriel says in these pre-fall episodes that are pretty damn awesome,in retrospect, it's unfortunate about him.
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Having finally watched Season 2 (boy that only took 7yrs) i'm slightly puzzled why it was cancelled. if you look at it as a transitional show (moving away from the way tv was told in the 90s and the way its grown and developed into a much more polished media in the 21st century) it really isnt bad, esp for James Cameron tackling racial and social issues. I really would have liked 1 more season. maybe not more than that but just one more, to deal with the cult, further develop the family situation between Max/Joshua/Alec, and fix the virus between Max and Logan.

people turn up their noses but for what it is, it really isn't a bad show and i'd say it's Jessica A's best role that i've seen. (please, can people stop casting her in comedies and put her back in action-adventure? it strangely works)

But, you know, that's life and television. some stories just never get all the time they deserved. (while others, re:Enterprise, don't know when it's time to roll over and die already)

knit a hat, it makes me happy. working on a fuzzy rainbow blanket. borrowed I <3 Huckabees from a co-worked and bought Fight Club & Boondock Saints cheep from Target, also have to watch French Kiss (which is also borrowed). so many movies. wah

New ep of SPN please come soon. *expectant face*
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So i spent the whole weekend in seattle with a friend, living in her dorm and working on my anthro paper and when i wasnt working i let her study and watched SPN and am totally hooked. characters are everything to me, i have to love the characters, their relationships and just *yearn* to see more of them to really stick with a show and omg *SPN* gives me all of that (at the moment, it looks like it will be the show to fill the current stargate void). i've always thought Jensen Ackles was just the hottest thing on the planet and *Dean* is so so .. self sacrificing, and stoic, and dutiful and the end of season 1 just about killed me, when their father is screaming at Sam to shoot him and Dean is lying on the floor dying and blood coming out of everywhere and just barely managing tiny heartbreaking "no sam"s *wibble*


i have barely slept lately (got 3hrs last night and i took a 20-30min nap in my car cause i got back to town a little early) but i feel strangely energized (no doubt the coffee from work haha) i should do hw but that really doesnt sound appealing. i should paint perhaps.
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parentals yelling at all hrs of the morning the past two nights = not good sleeping and therefore extreme tiredness. *sigh* and now i've lost my only pencil. whhhhhhy? it was a really nice pencil, sharpened evenly and still have an eraser. i swear i stuck it in my sketchbook at work but its not there anymore.

i have a ton of hw i need to get done but gosh, i just want to fall asleep where i'm sitting. i've been so good about going to bed before 11pm so i get a full nights rest that this is really hitting me badly.

i continue to watch SPN. i love the brother's interaction.
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So, i havent really done any art art (like, pencil + paper or heck, even painting art) in humm, 1 1/3 - 2 yrs? i mean, there have been a few hits and misses, but those are few and so much with the missing we'll pretend they dont exist. but tonight i felt inspired to just, *draw* a little. looked up a drool worthy face of JFlan from [ profile] face_of_joe and went to it.

i know that i'll never be very good. that, no matter how much i improve in my own little ways, there will always be people out there *so much* better than me but for once? i just had fun. like i was honestly just scritching away, enjoying myself (usually the trad. art process is just a art of pulling teeth it's incredibly frustrating for me to even attempt *anything*). at the moment, i'm ok with my inferior skill. i want to hold onto this peace. guess that means i shouldnt go browse around DevianArt drooling over the pretty yeah?

i might consider posting a scan only it didnt scan well and it's not actually qual. level of sharing.

i've broken, i've picked up SPN where i stopped watching it so many yrs ago. i dont know how many eps i'll stick it out. last time i only (truthfully) made it through the first 9 before i just got too perpetually creeped out. but i want to see Castiel, he sounds interesting. *screws courage to the sticking place*

i havent done any hw this weekend. oops?

it hurts to forget the revelation i had about the fact that my best friend really isnt my best friend anymore and then get it thrown back in my face. in other words, weird happenings last night at the triplets birthday party, mostly involving my firm and unwavering dislike of JW *pukey face* and Meagan's refusal to be anything but his friend and Kelsey's hmm..... to my face expression of her own dislike of him BUT she invited him so *conflicted* next time the girls at work plan something i swear i am going out with them. i need to expand my list of friends since it seems like the further time takes us the farther Meagan goes away.
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watching Sherman's March ( you know, that JFlan pilot that never went anywhere) and it is on new level of post 90s barfed up wretchedness. its not even wht i can chalk up to campy...

*goes back to watching*


Jan. 12th, 2009 09:06 am
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Not, in general, often impressed with 90s tv. Because i've been spoiled on a steady diet of well written-plotted-acted 45min sci-fi dramas, forensic dramas, crime dramas, etc (Re: VMars, BSG, House, i think you could argue Angel)

so, for the most part i've steered clear of Traders DESPITE my love of David Hewlett because it seemed like too much to wade through all the boring bits for his snippets. but, feeling very nostalgic (i havent even seen SGA 5x20, shut up) i've taken the plunge, started watching Traders from the beginning (because it seems Hewlett was in 70ish/80ish episodes, go figure *headdesk*) and while the rest of the show continues to be unimpressive, i have to say that it's totally worth his bits. *snorffle* cute, scruffy blue-eyed hewlett is just too irresistible. i might do picspam later if i get around to taking some caps.

*goes back to watching*

oh, last thing, does anyone remember that fanvid Suzvoy made? called The Writer? I really want to turn it into a story for the latest flashfic challenge. i'm tempted to msg her and ask for permission but at the same time i know i couldnt do it justice. i think as an AU though, it really really works *loves vid*
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Not that we didn't already know Stargate writers arent always the most original people when it comes to stealing from themselves but...

i'm rewatching Season 7 now of SG-1 and i just finished 713 - Grace and yeah, we all knew Rodney's "stuck at the bottom of the ocean" episode is season 3 of Atlantis was totally jacked from this but it only just dawned on me: they couldn't even come up with an original title?

oh writers.

but i like the team-ness in this episode. it was very sweet.
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So, I'm not sure if any of you out there are fans of Bones--and in fact, i wasnt a fan till the past couple months when i got sick for over a week and had no new Heros, House, or ANYTHING, to watch and i gave it a second chance because, well, the eye candy that still is David B ;)--but omgoodness, this last ep "A Pain in the Heart" Zach!!! how? why? its so out of the blue. it doesnt quite work in my head, but if we extend belief, say its possible, i just want to go eww and waah, cause he was a funny little weirdo. I'm just glad Gormagon *wasnt* Hodgens cause if he had been, i just dont think i could have watched anymore, it would have been too much. i dont want main characters turning out to be cannibals.

also, who isnt loving BSG? i love the hybrid, think she's cool and kallum keith rennie (sp?)

ok, finished with the badly spelled early morning blather (forgive me, i'm tired and just a little this side of either sick or allergenic)
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how is it that Ronan, Ronan of all people who is the ONLY voice of reason in 2x18-Michael? i mean.... the whole "mass deployment" idea of Shepherd leaves me going wtf?! these are good, nice to watch eps but the motives behind everyones' actions have got to be the stupidest in the entire SG uni -_-
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almost done watching Letters to Pegasus (tv time interupted, v. grr) and Elizabeth's messages to the fams of the dead makes me cry. and Rodney makes me cry. and Beckett almost made me cry. i blame it on exhaustion, major headache, and work!doom.

i dont what to know what happens to Ford but at the same time i must know!

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i am only ever going to get to see the first 1/2 of a DW ep grrrrrr. the first confidential i dl from yousendit worked at 322mb but now when i'm trying to dl the eps (which are 350, only 28mb more i dont see how there could be a problem) the thing always quits out at 172-176! and one of the links was brand spanking new of this morning so i dont understand. i even tried it on a fresh connection in case my buffer was overloading or something but that didnt do anything. i even closed everything, everything. no other programs or pages open.

bah, this just sucks cause the halves of what i've seen (eps 1 & 2) are great and funny and just totally geek!squeeish and i want to see the rest. there was a comment in the confidentials that Dr Who was something we all remember as a child and its like yes! i remember watching reruns of what i think are were the 5th dr on the bbc when i was really really little. *flails*

and bugger someone just sprayed some cleaner in the kitchen and omg, instand sinus headache and running nose, wtf? *eye starts watering* omg, i'm allergic to spray cleaner *runs for tissue*
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am i just missing the McKay/Zelenka? is there really some huge following out there i just have no clue about? because *muses on Hot Zone* the **looks** those two gave each other, and the silent communication and and.... there needs to be more McKay/Zelenka if there isnt already. *nods*

now i am going to work on OrigFic and hopefully go to sleep.

wait, one last thing-- hair shall be getting it cutted on the 14th! yay! *boogies* i want short short, gell it, semi-gravity defying hair again. why? cause its been 3 yrs and umm... i'm lazy and i'm going through rubber bands too fast even with barely-past-chin-length hair. hee.
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because i've only seen through The Brotherhood darnit but its almost impossible not to get bits and conjectures from stuff and i'm getting the Hero feeling. the feeling i got when i realized the next SG1 s.7 ep on the dvd was Hero. that doom feeling where i had to watch it, because its a good ep and i cant just *not* watch it, but at the same time you know that the horrible is coming and you just want to pretend they never did that. i'm getting this feeling in regaurds to whateverthefuck happens to Ford because i like the Ford character damnit and shite shite shite i just almost dont even want to know but i have to know and its like trying to stop a train.

/incoherancy brought to you by tiredness, fic reading, and innumerable amounts of fandom frustration.
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so i was bored yesturday and Veronica Mars was on and it was sort of like Arrested Development wherein i thought, "why not?"

hmmm, thoughts..... i felt like i was watching a young Nancy Drew (i used to read those books as a kid, like all of them but she was already out of HS in the series) down to the point when i knew halfway through who was the bad guy (thats the main reason i stopped reading the books, because you can start to tell by the 3rd chapter whodunit). i was grateful Veronica didnt do the credit card to unlock doors trick *lol* though she did do a lot of illegal stuff which was a bit heffish imo.

*jitters* i dunno, not terrible but i dont really see whats so great about it either. at least with the Law & Orders and CSI i generally dont have the case entirely figured out which was a real draw for me. and they're HS students which i've always had a problem following (with the exception of Joan of Arcadia because the main chara and her friends reminded me of my friends--the rag tag group of pseudo outcasts). and her father is from Just Shoot Me! *cracks up* the theme song is great though..i think i'll try another couple of eps before i make a final opinion.


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