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H50 is instilling a pavlovian response in me to cackle every time a suspect runs because we know all it's going to do is end in Steve tackling the hell out of them and breaking something in their body.

I watch the episodes and find myself gleefully telling my friends things like "bwahahaha, I love it when they run."

As for next week's promo, i'll be over here --------------> going AMG MY DREAMS HAVE COME TRUEEEE
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Danny doesnt just call Steve babe, which I mean, that's enough really, but he also calls him honey. At the family dinner. I think my brain just exploded from their CANON CUTENESS.

the episode, with the triathletes, I was like honestly surprised when they didn't make out in the elevator. It was this moment and I was just like WAIT WHY ARENT YOU MAKING OUT??? actually, really, I'm just shocked they aren't making out on camera all over the place because their partnership is so not platonic I don't even NEED slashgoggles to see it.


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I think I've been artistically perjured.

It's just an icon so who cares, and really I think it's just sort of head-scratchingly obvious that all I can do is lol a little. But...yeah.

Went through a bunch of old files the last couple days in part because I needed old material for a school project. Found my '09 writing comp book which contained half of the next chapter of a story I was writing three years ago. Made me go OMG and then promptly write another 500 words of it. Total shit but it was fun.

I need to start deep cleaning the apartment. It's a mess. I need to clean up and pack away my books and dust and vacuum and take out the recycling. It's a nightmare of epic proportions.

Watched the pilot for H50 and enjoyed it despite myself. Then proceeded to watch EVERY OTHER EPISODE. I don't know how this happened but... omg, I might actually be enjoying it despite the fact that Steve is RIDICULOUS, so so ridiculous, and his lack of anything called procedure irritates me possibly even more than it irritates Danny. I feel like, a serious kinship with Danny because omg, what? what is this? none of this is legal, jesus wtf.

I want to be Kono when I grow up though. Grace Park, still awesome, still hot, still totally badass ♥♥♥


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