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Briefing for a Descent into Hell has picked up some and has become more... well, less blah and huh? and why the fuck are you going on and on and ON about this for 6 pages?

i've finished all of my homework except for one proof which i'm partially finished with and sent off to a friend for her to look over (we're both sort of scrabbling about trying to remember all the sticky details of this stuff after 3 months off, its rather amusing *lol*)

also? i apparently loose all higher brain functions when i dont have at least one cup of coffee in the mornings because we (above mentioned friend an i) were called away when the proff went over the also above mentioned proof and the class was over by the time we got back and the little triangles being erased but luckily M caught them i promised to let me borrow them to copy. an hr or so later we're in another class together and i copy it from her but later when i got to see how difficult its going to be i'm looking over the specs and going "buh? you cant do that" and true enough when i tracked the down our proff at the end of the day to see what was wrong it was very wrong.

being the considerate person i am i scanned in my revised copy for M and sent it to her and she replied this morning to tell me she wasnt sure what i had copied but thats what she had written down. and she's the sort to admit when she's wrong and i'm the sort of recognize that i must have been sleepwalking friday. this is then compounded by my puting one box of cheerios in the shopping basket and then being asking if the smaller box really was a better deal to which i respond by picking up smaller and larger boxes and comparing ounces and doing fast price ratios in my head and confirming yes it is a better deal only to get home and see that there are two boxes of cereal there and that the smaller box i picked up to compare with the larger box? yes, put it in the cart not the shelf w/o even thinking.

my life is a comedy of minor errors.
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got to see the end of K-PAX which, alright, not a surprise but it was nice to see even if i was freezing and half asleep *sheepish* also went out and bought a copy of the new Coldplay cd x and y as well as a digital camera. so, v. yay day even if i volunteered to mow the Lawn of Hell this morning.


Aug. 30th, 2005 09:56 pm
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went to target to get some last minute spiral notebooks. ended up getting a Rubiks cube (finally!) v. mesmorized by the unraveling of it though i have a bit of a headache at the moment (lack of waterage) also bought Meet Joe Black which i've never gotten around to seeing, have heard its crap, but liked the premise of and therefore want to see. also, Brad Pitt = some actually decent movies and very cute so what the hey?

also bought black velour jogging suit *hangs head in shame, shame!* and a couple plain, comfy solid color tees that i enjoy wearing with overalls. oh and gum and hand sanitizer and a water bottle fanny pack (ok, maybe "uncool" to most but i thought it was pretty damn cool and useful *lol*)

now i just wish reader person would vacate living room so i could watch my movie *pouts*

2 more days of freedom!!!!!!!!!!

*plays with puzzle*


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