Dec. 23rd, 2010 06:56 pm
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I forget the observation I had pertaining to this, I capp'd it about a week ago and have since forgot whatever I was going to say about it. So, just have some Watson >.>

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But I'm not really sure where to begin.

On holiday, wooo. It's amazing how being done with classes and going to bed at a reasonable time turns me into a lay sod who sleeps almost ten hrs a day if I don't get the alarm back a bit. Spent a few days in P-town because it snowed the morning I was supposed to fly out (very big fail! and i was very cranky because I was not looking forward to another thanksgiving hullabaloo) but I finally got out yesterday. It is very nice to be back South of Seattle where it is rainy and not nearly as cold and there isnt a snowflake in sight. I was, however, vaguely sad that I couldn't figure out how to get my umbrella on the plane >.> alas

In the 6 months I've been gone I've forgotten how cold my parent's house gets, like DAMN. I woke up curled in the featal position buried under the covers this morning. But bathrobes = win and I left mine here so I am very happy. Now I get to sit around drinking coffee (!) in my bathrobe going lalala because I'm not entirely sure what to do with myself. Will have to do some knitting later as the monster!bee!scarf for the nephew is certainly not knitting itself.

Having no car and no bus system is very sad though. :( lol tonight or tomorrow I think I will try to get out to the theatre and see something, Harry Potter possibly because I still have yet to see it -.-

Have been resisting the urge to mainline Sherlock reruns and have consoled myself by only rewatching the pilot and just running back over a couple key scenes again and again and.. *cough* (the nicotine patch scene where Cumberbatch literally groans? i mean, come on! *melts*).Cut for Ramble Because it Got Away From Me )

And finally, I've been watching the highlights of Doctor 10, well some of them at least. And rewatching Torchwood in between those so that I can watch the short series 3 they did, which I have a feeling I shall be somewhat cranky about but, open minds. Read news that there will be a 4 series of what amounts to Torchwood!America. Cannot say I was thrilled upon reading this, however, really adore John Barrowman and therefore might try to tough it out whenever it finally airs (sometime 2011?). There's much I have to say about TW but I think I'll just end this by saying watching the Torchwood crew work w/o Jack is like watching the Scoobies fight vampires w/o Buffy -- painful and infinitely entertaining.


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