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Tie Our Hands to Something Solid
Fandom: SGA
Pairing: Sheppard/McKay
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 1k
Warnings: canon character death
Summary: Written for [ profile] love_bingo prompt “gone too soon.” Italics from “forgetting something” by Nick Flynn. unbeta’d

He never slept with Dr. M. Rodney McKay )
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We're coming up on that time of year again where I increasingly find myself wanting to make Fuck you Brad Wright etcetc my permanent status. Because.... because SGA ending is like... idk, the worst breakup ever. Like a death. Like a lot of badbadbad things. I've been watching stargate since it aired, for the very first time. I was the one person in my family who watched it every week and adored the SG1 team to little tiny pieces and later my sister got them on dvd and was like "OMG all these yrs I suddenly why you've been watching this" and ok---like in SG1 I always had a thing for quirky a-hole Dr McKay who was in a whole THREE EPISODES but w/e he was awesome, it was like seeing myself trying to interact with people (I internalize my vitriol re: peers/coworkers/morons etc a little better but otherwise) AND THEN THEY PUT HIM ON HIS OWN SHOW along with all these other amazing people (Teyla! Ronon! Dr Z! Ford!(q.q) John!the most emotionally retarded pretty princess ever!) and like i adore DH to pieces (Where the Heart is the movie with him and Uma Therman and Dabne Coleman and the chick from Titanic is like one of my top five fav films ok), PIECES, and then

they cancelled it.

They wrote The Last Man, The Shrine and Vegas and then they cancelled it.

I still havent been able to bring myself to watch the final episode I was SO UPSET about the cancellation. It's been ... idk 2 yrs now? I still can't do it. I quite possibly will never watch it, I haven't really decided yet.

And I wont say that the show wasnt deeply flawed because, omg, it was. And basically I can't stand Carson and his mad scientist so far beyond questionable genetic experimentation ways (really IDEK what is going on with that, I kind of just want to cling to Ronon through that whole arc and make BUH faces at these stupid earthlings). So, deeply flawed, but there was so much potential. There was so much interesting stuff. I mean, the intrinsic premise is a FLYING CITY THAT YOU CONTROL WITH YOUR MIND. How is that ever not amazing? I love little self contained universes. A part of this speaks to the tiny trekker in me that still loves DS9 almost the best (don't judge, it's a sister thing >.>)


And, watching McKay learn to be a better person and watching people learn to love him despite himself at times, yeah, I liked that ok. It speaks to me. And I'm a young fan. I'm barely 22, I mean, I think I'm the target audience that SG:Universe is supposed to cater to or something, according to the statements I've read.

But no, it most definitely didnt bother me that the entire cast of Atlantis was having babies and hitting 40, and JFlan's greying hair was hot, ok.

So fuck you Brad Wright. Fuck you and your shiny, pretentious new show. Fuck you for taking away my campy (SG1 will always be the pinnacle of adorable campy awesomeness ty RDA) show with its flying city, bitchy chief science officer and his ridiculous flyboy. Fuck. You.
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i posted this awhile back on my fb but that isn't really the proper place for it.

I've been mostly gone from LJ due to a rather bad breakup with SGA (I still haven't watched the series finale, a part of me just can't do it). But you know, there are always new shows, and good shows, so it was foolish of me to think I could really replaced fandom with world of warcraft (save me!).

Some thoughts on the current stargate situation....
From November 5, 2010 )
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dabbling, second piece of art to make in umm.... 2 ish years? other than a handful of icons here and there.

Let's Pretend

Cut for Fullsize )
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someone recommended a Crossover/Fusion challenge for [ profile] sga_flashfic and whether thats up next or not it got me thinking. specifically about #9 by [ profile] pentapus. i would love to see that or a variation thereof like nothing else, so why not try my hand at writing it myself?

yeah, we'll see where that goes. for now, admire the adorable pictureness. i *heart* numbers 5 and 6 too. okok, shutup, i *heart* all of them. #10 makes me ship Teyla/John just because it is so cute.
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So I'm doing a bunch of research on OTEC for my Oceanography class. it's very interesting. the sort of super condescend version is that they take temperature differences between different water depths near the equator and use them to power a big steam engine that creates electrical output or work.

i looked up Rankine Cycle (which is the type of heat engine utilized for OTEC) and found it under "classical steam engine" which of course brought to mind these this delightful doodles by [ profile] tardis80 and sparked an instant urge to write steampunk. gosh darn school! i have no time for this.

SGA 5x20

Jan. 9th, 2009 06:06 pm
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it came too soon. I just don't know if i can watch it... because once i do it really will be all over with.



Jan. 6th, 2009 11:01 am
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So, I got very little sleep last night (like 4 hrs) because i woke up an hr early somehow (my clock got messed up). so, tired and really really cold and still feeling a little waterlogged from yesterday (had to trudge all over campus in melting slush, water up to my ankles), ate breakfast, said GLARG, and went back to sleep for another 45min before heading out for WestCiv. Then i went home and slept for another half hr before going back into for Anthro.

The whole day i feel like i cant get quite warm enough, like the back of my mind is still asleep. i'm awake and functioning, it's not like i'm nodding off but i honestly feel tired, deep rooted in being freakishly cold. i desperately need to find a pair of waterproof boots but everything i've found in the stores so far are made of thin suede-y stuff which makes my poor cold, wet stockinged feet cringe.

I tried to explain to a non-tv addicted friend the sheer wrongness of SGA ending as exemplified by Vegas using a Hershey's chocolate example. i'm not entirely sure how sucessful i was but i feel i acurately conveyed a irritated, insulted tone lol
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So, this is the second to last episode of the series and it makes me go, wtf? Because it's good. Because it's a perfect blend of campy and original and utterly heartbreaking and gorgeous. The Flan is at his game, Rodney is so deliciously aloof, Tod is the crazy!shit. The filming is beautiful, the soundtrack may be simple and campy but it IS BRILLIANT.

It's an example of all the reasons we started watching in the first place. The silly, the campy, the beautiful, the angst, and the action.

Yeah, let's cancel a good thing, that makes so much sense.

I just don't get their thinking. They have Hewlett (who's McKay-centric episodes continue to be the BIGGEST hit of every season), they have Flanigan who is HOT damnit, they have a great premise and at least some good writers (as evident by this episode if nothing else), and fans, in what alternate reality does that = badness?

To me, this episode is an example of why the series really really really should continue. I can't wrap my head around the stupidity.

Bastards. I feel like they're doing to Stargate what they managed to do to Star Trek and i really always thought they were better than that. I say this as someone who has watched Stargate for the past, what, 12 years? since the pilot originally aired, since i was seven-freaking-years old. I am a die hard fan through and through but this just leaves me sad and tired and resigned.

Vegas officially goes into my vault of "too good, too painful to watch above once a year" along with the Shrine and Meridian and others i can't think of at the moment.

*sigh* that is all.
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i wish someone would write John fic to this

Spaceman by The Killers

I really don't care if it's cliche because i lovelovelove the line "they ripped me from my bed and then they took my bloodtype...i was hoping that i would leave this star cross world behind but when they cut me open i guess i changed my mind."

i think there's John Sheppard angst in there somewhere.

also the Killers are just so amazing.

also, Rodney is the spaceman. it's all in your tiny idiotic minds.

i need a Genius-too-good-for-you Rodney icon.
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ok, so D Hewlett has said his only hangup with playing doctor who is that he doesnt know what he could bring different from the role that would set him apart from Tom Baker, his fav doctor. and...

Rude!Sarcastic!Doctor ala McKay, pleasepleaseplease?

take the "rude but not ginger" and actually go somewhere with it.
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i was browsing from art by [ profile] newkidfan and found this and wow. the art is amazingly complex and just... whoa. there are about a thousand threads running through it all honed down to one sharp image and a story and it's beautiful, amazingly creative and outside the box. and probably a ton of people have already seen it but even if you have it deserves seeing again.

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i'm currently rewatching it all in fact, like those first episodes with the Prometheus and.... srsly *snerk* "Full Military Thrust"? srsly?

i just had flashes to The Daedalus Variations complete with "full military thrust"

oh show.

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I might break and buy Adobe Creative Suite before I buy a kayak. I knoooooow i've been saving up my tips for like three months now for a kayak and i almost have $700 (i'm thinking that i'll need 750-900 depending on the cost of the roof rack i need for the Kia) but omg, i want CS, well specifically i want photoshop but i figure one day i'll probably need inDesign and i know i could use Dreamweaver and Flash now so i might as well buy them altogether so i only have to pay for a [significantly cheaper] upgrade a few years down the road.


tips were SO BAD this week. i barely made $45 probably. hopefully i'll hit a little more than $60 after tomorrows shift since last sunday Cuz and i did much better than weekdays. payday not for another week almost. i guess its a good thing i had to return the boots.

i think i'm going to have to give up eating out and buying coffee every day. and buying dinner at work. i'd probably save, gosh, $45-60 a weak if i did that. then i could probably afford CS and a kayak at the same time. *sigh* being responsible. why am i always reminded to buy stocks on the weekend when the market is closed? *rolls eyes at self*

I have a plan for sure to get caught back up on NaNo. we'll see how well it works though since 3/4 days i have to implement it are workdays *eeps*

must remember to make essay corrections tomorrow for monday.

Stargate Atlantis was interesting today. esp like the end with Rodney. and the beginning with jealous!rodney. and the part in the middle with befuddled!rodney. and sad beaten down/whumped john was very sweet and heart breaking to watch as well. pretty good ep all around. i started rewatching s.5 but stopped because i havent quite recovered from watching The Shrine the first time.

so in summary, want CS so can make SGA icon prettiness *sigh* so so so bad out of practice.
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*boggles* I just hit 10,001 words! 20% finished. I am so amazingly happy and amazed. Course that doesn't mean i can stop today, I still have like 3000 more words to make up for falling behind this week. But this is still a milestone imo. I'm shocked and amazed I've stuck with this story so far but i guess I shouldnt be since its hardly more than an aggrandized retelling of stuff thats mostly already happened in real life. i guess anyone can ramble on in a journal for a billion words right?

i went to the library today too, returned about 8 items since they were threatening to send a collection agency after me *shiver* just hope this appeases them and i dont have to pay any fines. books are expensive!

i cancelled on M last night because i was working and i knew that i'd need to work on nano. she hasnt responded to me at all. i find it kind of odd. i cant really imagine her being angry but i guess its possible. *sigh* it's not like she makes a whole lot of time for me so she can deal with it. nano is only for one month.

i havent finished this weeks SGA but there was something i was going to say... you know, beside just "oh boys! just nerds!" how are they canceling this lovely lovely show?

i broke and bought "Knives Don't Have Your Back" by Emily Haines. beautiful album. just amazing and lazy and gorgeous.
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I fell a few days behind on my nano novel due to family drama, see previous post, but i worked a little harder yesterday and regained a little ground. Still way behind but i just need to write about 3000 words today and tomorrow each and i should be just about back on track, woo hoo!

so long as my story itself doesnt lose steam i think i might *actually* be able to do this this year. i'm so amazingly happy. and i dont think it's too likely to lose steam, i finally roughed out an aprox word count outline which is fairly monumental for me.

currently having to restrain myself from going crazy and buying a bunch of stuff on iTunes. oh the joys of a credit card :)

new episode of SGA tonight! Can't wait. oh show, why are you cancelled? finally forced myself to read through the entire character release sheet for SG:Universe and omg, it really is as bad as fandom thinks. its all "20 somethings" and i have this horrible inkling that the sarcastic math guy is going to be as wretched as whatisname on Sanctuary -_- (that guy reminds me of cappachino!boy at work, its very disconcerting)


Oct. 21st, 2008 06:55 pm
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Farscape was such crack but you gotta love it :)

Go. You know you wanna.

Currently finished rewatching Atlantis: The Lost Boys, The Hive and omg, brave!little!toaster!face I ♥ Rodney so much. it gave me a fic idea but shoot it's flown out of my of those "someone needs to write..." *sad*

why isnt it friday already? atlantis clip show.

I want videos/links/episode names that have JFlan, ie Col. Sheppard, 's duck/honk/weird/funny laugh. so far all i've seen that i can remember off the top of my head recently is the little chuckle from Trinity and that is so not good enough.

also, Jewel Staite just got serious points for actually admitting she has a little crush on Mal and being aware of YOUTUBE :)

that is all. go back to your regularly scheduled programming
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First thoughts about SGA 5x09 - Tracker

Rodney shot and killed a wraith with one boot on and hopping around on one foot!

While Keller's been taking sparring lessons with Ronan, we all KNOW McKay's been getting in some target practice with John *snickers*

*snickers delightfully some more*
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ok, what ep of SGA shows a montage and one of the clips is of McKay drinking coffee while working at a laptop, then he runs out, turns the cup upside down and shakes it, showing its empty? its driving me nuts because i really want to use a pic of that in something and i cannot find what ep it is -_-


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