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i wish someone would write John fic to this

Spaceman by The Killers

I really don't care if it's cliche because i lovelovelove the line "they ripped me from my bed and then they took my bloodtype...i was hoping that i would leave this star cross world behind but when they cut me open i guess i changed my mind."

i think there's John Sheppard angst in there somewhere.

also the Killers are just so amazing.

also, Rodney is the spaceman. it's all in your tiny idiotic minds.

i need a Genius-too-good-for-you Rodney icon.
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*boggles* I just hit 10,001 words! 20% finished. I am so amazingly happy and amazed. Course that doesn't mean i can stop today, I still have like 3000 more words to make up for falling behind this week. But this is still a milestone imo. I'm shocked and amazed I've stuck with this story so far but i guess I shouldnt be since its hardly more than an aggrandized retelling of stuff thats mostly already happened in real life. i guess anyone can ramble on in a journal for a billion words right?

i went to the library today too, returned about 8 items since they were threatening to send a collection agency after me *shiver* just hope this appeases them and i dont have to pay any fines. books are expensive!

i cancelled on M last night because i was working and i knew that i'd need to work on nano. she hasnt responded to me at all. i find it kind of odd. i cant really imagine her being angry but i guess its possible. *sigh* it's not like she makes a whole lot of time for me so she can deal with it. nano is only for one month.

i havent finished this weeks SGA but there was something i was going to say... you know, beside just "oh boys! just nerds!" how are they canceling this lovely lovely show?

i broke and bought "Knives Don't Have Your Back" by Emily Haines. beautiful album. just amazing and lazy and gorgeous.
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I fell a few days behind on my nano novel due to family drama, see previous post, but i worked a little harder yesterday and regained a little ground. Still way behind but i just need to write about 3000 words today and tomorrow each and i should be just about back on track, woo hoo!

so long as my story itself doesnt lose steam i think i might *actually* be able to do this this year. i'm so amazingly happy. and i dont think it's too likely to lose steam, i finally roughed out an aprox word count outline which is fairly monumental for me.

currently having to restrain myself from going crazy and buying a bunch of stuff on iTunes. oh the joys of a credit card :)

new episode of SGA tonight! Can't wait. oh show, why are you cancelled? finally forced myself to read through the entire character release sheet for SG:Universe and omg, it really is as bad as fandom thinks. its all "20 somethings" and i have this horrible inkling that the sarcastic math guy is going to be as wretched as whatisname on Sanctuary -_- (that guy reminds me of cappachino!boy at work, its very disconcerting)
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i went out and purchased my guitar. since then i have since named it/forgotten said name, learned to play chords/songs, and have written a couple of my own songs on it. i've broken the high e string and done a crappy job of putting a new one on. i've gotten white nailpolish on the body from wearing it rubs off while strumming, i've drug it done to the beach and into the woods and down the road and contemplated packing it onto a plane. i've spent countless hrs just plunking away at it aimlessly and man, i don't regret it at all.
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i'm sitting 10 ft away from the tv, guitar in hand, scales and a couple Key books spread out around me and a pencil posed over a piece of paper and you walk in, turn on the tv, and proceed to stare blankly at very loud documentary on Greek war tactics. umm, wtf? is it not obvious i'm working? do i need to put a little "Recording, please remain quiet while red light is on" sign up?

seriously, wtf? how am i'm supposed to even hear myself think let alone work on music with fake greeks yelling and screaming practically in my ear?

and i was on a roll too damnit.


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