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Regarding the recent blogposts concerning drinking and rape -

"Jessica Wakeman at The Frisky 'bravely' ventured that maybe us laydeez really do need lecturing about 'how taking more drugs or drinking more booze than you can handle is stupid.'"

(Quote taken from feministe, read the full article here: )

First and foremost this statement is wrong because it is still VICTIM BLAMING.

Would you ever tell a man not to drink because it leaves him vulnerable to being raped? No? Because you do not define his existence as a human being as an object to be raped.This double standard that requires women to be constantly vigilant, putting the responsiblity and the blame on their shoulders, not only continues to perpetuate the victim-blame-game but highlights what is WRONG with socialized standards of thought.

By existing a woman is not asking to be raped. That's a choice on the part of the rapists. Rape happens because rapists rape, there is no consent involved, the rapist is not interested in consent. That anyone is going to disparage a victim because they werent able to fight back in a situation where THEY NEVER SHOULD HAVE HAD TO FIGHT IN THE FIRST PLACE, is deplorable.

And here's the point, women shouldn't have to be constantly vigilant. We shouldn't have to live in fear of being raped and assaulted and used. We shouldn't have to curb our behavior anymore than any man has to. We only have to be wary and fearful and constantly on our guard because there is something BROKEN and wrong with male patterns of thought; with this insidious, persistent idea that a woman by the simple act of breathing, is first and foremost, something to be fucked.

You want to know why chivalry is bullshit? There shouldn't be a need for protection in the first place.

This is not consent - June Jordan
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So I ended up stuck sitting on the floor in a major hallway waiting for my afternoon CJ class (its an old terrible building with extremely limited seating and power plugs /wrists) and so I was at the perfect eye level to observe dozens of people walking by.

Am I the only person struck by the strangeness of the shaved leg phenomenon? It's.... not actually at all a natural state for the most part and on such condensed display I found it fascinating and bizarre.

Perhaps I should explain that I go to a college populated by 90% disgustingly fit and active people. So when I say 70-90% of the women i've seen are wearing daisy dukes and tanning bed tanned skin, I'm literally not exaggerating. so i've observed a fuckton of bare leg today, all flawlessly, unnaturally smooth (and fake-tanned).

I don't really have any conclusions to draw from this I just found it... jarring. I myself shave once every two weeks if i remember to do it, carry 40lbs more than I should, am pretty damn pale and definitely do not wear daisy dukes (when i was fit and thinner back in HS I didnt wear shorts either because I think theyre horribly uncomfortable the way they ride and bunch just ugh, i'd rather wear a short dress and converse). it's not so much about feeling like an outsider, because i've always felt like an anthropologist observing the strange and vapid creature that is my fellow student body here at WSU, its just a fascinating visual comparison highlighting how very strange i am here.
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Not a lot to say. I haven't done much creative lately, maybe made a handful of icons -- I've got to get started on my Merlin20x20 this month I am WAY behind /facepalm -- and been working on an ancient (aka from '04/'05) Xander genderbender WIP.

Home for the summer. Life's kind of boring. Most of my friends are only just now finishing up their own quarters/semesters so hopefully things will liven up in the near future. Been hanging out with the sister&co which is fun. Need to kayak more. same ol' same ol'.
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Took my final today, now I have to wait until monday I think to see my grades for the semester. Crossing my fingers that i somehow miraculously pull out with two Cs and can remain in school. If not, it's expulsion and I'm not entirely sure what to do from there. I already signed another yr on my lease and there's no way in hell I tell my parents that I managed to flunk out of university.

Not going to think about it, I'm going to cling to the illusion that maybe my proffs will give me C's.
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I feel like one of the Lone Gunmen. No not Lee Harvey Oswald but one of the guys from X-Files.

I don't feel like this is something I can or particularly want to celebrate. Partiality because I'm not entirely convinced of its factuality.

I've been very bad at following the development of this war or Libya. I was pretty young when everything started and I do not trust or really believe news sources, specifically TV news sources. They're a cog in the political and economic system. They are biased and flawed with an agenda to sell. And by the time I wanted to have a better grasp on the situation a few years had passed and there was so much shit it didn't seem worth it to get mired down in all the filth, lies and smoke screens.

The violent end of one man... that's not victory.

The Obama administration needed to have a solid win under their belts in the recent memory of the voting public's minds, and specifically one that appeals to every moderate conservative who didn't vote for him the first time.

But I would celebrate the war being actually over. I would celebrate our troupes finally coming home to stay. I would celebrate the end of this occupation-- because that is what it is.
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But I'm not really sure where to begin.

On holiday, wooo. It's amazing how being done with classes and going to bed at a reasonable time turns me into a lay sod who sleeps almost ten hrs a day if I don't get the alarm back a bit. Spent a few days in P-town because it snowed the morning I was supposed to fly out (very big fail! and i was very cranky because I was not looking forward to another thanksgiving hullabaloo) but I finally got out yesterday. It is very nice to be back South of Seattle where it is rainy and not nearly as cold and there isnt a snowflake in sight. I was, however, vaguely sad that I couldn't figure out how to get my umbrella on the plane >.> alas

In the 6 months I've been gone I've forgotten how cold my parent's house gets, like DAMN. I woke up curled in the featal position buried under the covers this morning. But bathrobes = win and I left mine here so I am very happy. Now I get to sit around drinking coffee (!) in my bathrobe going lalala because I'm not entirely sure what to do with myself. Will have to do some knitting later as the monster!bee!scarf for the nephew is certainly not knitting itself.

Having no car and no bus system is very sad though. :( lol tonight or tomorrow I think I will try to get out to the theatre and see something, Harry Potter possibly because I still have yet to see it -.-

Have been resisting the urge to mainline Sherlock reruns and have consoled myself by only rewatching the pilot and just running back over a couple key scenes again and again and.. *cough* (the nicotine patch scene where Cumberbatch literally groans? i mean, come on! *melts*).Cut for Ramble Because it Got Away From Me )

And finally, I've been watching the highlights of Doctor 10, well some of them at least. And rewatching Torchwood in between those so that I can watch the short series 3 they did, which I have a feeling I shall be somewhat cranky about but, open minds. Read news that there will be a 4 series of what amounts to Torchwood!America. Cannot say I was thrilled upon reading this, however, really adore John Barrowman and therefore might try to tough it out whenever it finally airs (sometime 2011?). There's much I have to say about TW but I think I'll just end this by saying watching the Torchwood crew work w/o Jack is like watching the Scoobies fight vampires w/o Buffy -- painful and infinitely entertaining.


Dec. 7th, 2010 06:43 am
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Well the semester is drawing to a close. I have a distinct and sinking feeling that I will be found academically deficient and put on suspension next semester thanks to my lackluster performance (what does 'go to class' mean again?). I'm still waiting for community college to send in my "final transcripts" so I can get one of my registration holds lifted before literally ALL the classes for my minor fill up. Next week is finals... I'm not really apprehensive, I will start studying this week/weekend. I just really need to do well on my Polysci and CrmJ finals, if I do that I might sneak by with Cs in both classes. Oh how the mighty have fallen.

Blah. I'll just have to sleep in the bed I've made.

The apartment desperately needs a good scrubbing. I went through the other morning like a crazy person and threw away I don't know how many bags of crap. I wonder how I manage to collect all this shit, it boggles the mind. I really want to give everything a proper cleaning though, I hate the place being dirty but at the same time I really really detest cleaning >.> but I want it clean before I decorate for Christmas, and I want to decorate for Christmas god damnit. It is sad enough that I didn't for Halloween :(

The boots I ordered last week should be arriving today. I've been in desperate need of a pair since before thanksgiving. It's now on the third week of solid snow and my poor little converse simply do not get the job done (go figure!). Hopefully these new boots will fit, otherwise I might cry a little.

Stole a recipe idea from starbucks for breakfast this morning: whole grain tortilla filled with egg, mushrooms and feta cheese. It was very delicious. It was a nightmare last night, I spent about twice as much as I usually do on groceries buying supplies to make pot pie and mulled wine -.- and I still forgot the chicken! and a book of stamps so I will have to trudge out to the store again. It wouldn't be so bad except the busses really only cater to getting a person to school, not much of anywhere else.

Today I need to possibly meet with my advisor (thought I think I will put that off until tomorrow) and I was thinking I should play around in photoshop a little more, possibly wrangle a real batch of icons together. We shall see.

Oh hai....

Jul. 26th, 2009 03:21 pm
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i'm not dead, now that anyone reads this but i put it down for myself.

i am not dead.

school and work are insane this quarter and i'm only just about to really hit my stride for it (we're talking, about to pick up 16 more hrs of in class time/week in addition to what i'm already doing)

i havent been up to much, honestly, besides school and work...doing some sketching, a little painting, working on knitting a baby cardigan for my expecting sister, writing not much of anything (i think i've manage about 500 words of Big Band so far this month OOPS) and i need to go work on homework actually so i dont see that changing but who knows right?

made it up the wall (yes yes, easy peasy 5.5 but still it was a triumph for little old me) at AlpineEx to the cheers of my friends. found a great little yoga studio i really need to start going to regularly and have had absolutely no time to go kayaking *cries* but i comfort myself with the notion that i just have to hold out for september.

whats up with you world?
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Hmm, yup, bought a little "double feature" Boondock Saints/Fight Club. I've seen the former before and thought it was entertaining though kinda *shrugs* i think it definitely grows on you. love the brothers, great together (Sean Patrick Flannery is cute too darn) and Willem DeFoe is awesome, though i think as a whole someone *cough* Troy Duffy *cough* watched Leon a couple dozen times as a kid, and the only sad thing is, i doubt anyone else my age realizes it. that's just a shame.

in other news, i made frosted sugar cookies. they are delicious and super simple! i was very pleased.

i think i'll end up working St Patrick's Day which means i'm going to have to go out and buy some green *big grin*

working on my super soft rainbow blanket, approx 6/20 finished as soon as i attached the 6th square. i'm really liking the pattern,, it's simple to follow and has to attach the squares as you go (instead of attaching them all at the end) which means the joining round is worked right into the final round of the square being attached, makes for much smoother and seamless attaching imo. shall post pics once i'm further along.

so, the sun is finally peeking out from behind the ever persistent Washington cloud cover. makes me all itchy, i *really* want to get my motorcycle endorsement. its freezing but gorgeous outside, i want the wind in my face and parking up front at school. if only my parents had let me go for it when i was 18 it only would have cost $50, now i'm looking at $250 or $150 if i can get state subsidizing *crosses fingers*

still fighting adobe over refunding me for their goddamn mess up. *anger*

but for now, i'm going to go back to the amusing little headspace left by Boondock Saints. homework can wait another 15min.
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taxes are done and in the mail. same with credit card bills. next on the list: tuition, woot!

dreadfully behind in school work, staring at a rapidly falling Oceanography grade which makes me want to CRY SO BAD considering how hard i've been working this quarter damnit!

sick. dead sick. i came home from work yesterday. had a truncated luncheon with the fam, went to bed around 3pm and didnt wake up (except once briefly for water and more tylenol around 9pm) again until this morning. feel like the shit. achey, nasty nasty cough and so tired i cant stand up but hurt all over too much to lie down anymore. fuck. so glad i got my tuesday shift switched, this gives me a whole two more days to get better before i have to worry about getting someone to cover me

so all caught up on SPN. i have to say i am both loving and hating season 4. loving in that i LOVE Castiel and his whole relationship with Dean but hating it in that i'm left going "what happened to m'boys!!!! why are you lying to each otherz?!" i miss how they were like *twists first and middle finger* this the first two season. i have this horrible horrible feeling in my gut like they're working up to dean having to kill sam or something. it makes all my insides just *hurt* man. plus dean's angst over his time in hell, how is that going to be fixed? hm?

mostly though, all the secrets make me hurt so much. i want to go back to that awful gut-wrenching first season where Dean basically dies and the car in mowed over. that was such clear and perfect pain. non of the murkiness of now. if that makes sense.

still fighting Adobe over refunding me the freaking WRONG platform of CS. grar. they say my case was automatically closed, but does that mean it was closed with a refund in my future or what? i really want my $450 back. i've decided i'm not going to-buy CS, i'll just get the student edition of PS, it's really all i need, i'm not actually looking for a print design job (i like my job yup) so i don't *really* need InDesign. and the extra $250 will come in handy i'm sure.

In final news, i'm torn between going ahead and buying my kayak or maybe keep saving for a new car a couple yrs down the road (like when i'm done with school or there abouts). i've been talking to my dad about getting a nice classic car (maybe a 64/65 Mustang) and taking some shop classes at comm college to learn about taking care of it. it's either that or save for the next 7 yrs and just maybe scrape together enough to buy a mini lol

i was doing a little bit of writing (more like pulling teeth) but thats on the way back burner until i'm all caught up on school and health.
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parentals yelling at all hrs of the morning the past two nights = not good sleeping and therefore extreme tiredness. *sigh* and now i've lost my only pencil. whhhhhhy? it was a really nice pencil, sharpened evenly and still have an eraser. i swear i stuck it in my sketchbook at work but its not there anymore.

i have a ton of hw i need to get done but gosh, i just want to fall asleep where i'm sitting. i've been so good about going to bed before 11pm so i get a full nights rest that this is really hitting me badly.

i continue to watch SPN. i love the brother's interaction.
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So, i havent really done any art art (like, pencil + paper or heck, even painting art) in humm, 1 1/3 - 2 yrs? i mean, there have been a few hits and misses, but those are few and so much with the missing we'll pretend they dont exist. but tonight i felt inspired to just, *draw* a little. looked up a drool worthy face of JFlan from [ profile] face_of_joe and went to it.

i know that i'll never be very good. that, no matter how much i improve in my own little ways, there will always be people out there *so much* better than me but for once? i just had fun. like i was honestly just scritching away, enjoying myself (usually the trad. art process is just a art of pulling teeth it's incredibly frustrating for me to even attempt *anything*). at the moment, i'm ok with my inferior skill. i want to hold onto this peace. guess that means i shouldnt go browse around DevianArt drooling over the pretty yeah?

i might consider posting a scan only it didnt scan well and it's not actually qual. level of sharing.

i've broken, i've picked up SPN where i stopped watching it so many yrs ago. i dont know how many eps i'll stick it out. last time i only (truthfully) made it through the first 9 before i just got too perpetually creeped out. but i want to see Castiel, he sounds interesting. *screws courage to the sticking place*

i havent done any hw this weekend. oops?

it hurts to forget the revelation i had about the fact that my best friend really isnt my best friend anymore and then get it thrown back in my face. in other words, weird happenings last night at the triplets birthday party, mostly involving my firm and unwavering dislike of JW *pukey face* and Meagan's refusal to be anything but his friend and Kelsey's hmm..... to my face expression of her own dislike of him BUT she invited him so *conflicted* next time the girls at work plan something i swear i am going out with them. i need to expand my list of friends since it seems like the further time takes us the farther Meagan goes away.
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Well, so friday i said "Screw you crutches!" and wrapped my ankle and hobbled off to school. luckily lots of people seemed to be skipping sundry 8am classes so i got a better parking spot (marginally, only halfway up the hill vs the top and back a row ;)) and got to both classes and got my midterm from my Oceanography class lab i missed this week (thank GOODNESS) and hobbled off to work where i did resort to sitting down a couple times but it was all good and i made considerably better tips than i have been making so it was definitely worth working (also, Cuz gave me her key since today is her last day so *I finally have a key*!)

now it's saturday. hrmm. i have bits of hw i need to do :

Re: Cut for short weekend to-do list )

I also have bits of creative stuff i'd like to work on. I feel like i might have enough banging around in the back of my head to write another installment of the Mara!McShep au collision, i have the teensy bit of a DW/SGA fusion i want to try my hand at (and which will no doubt turn into a longish monstrous thing i'll have lots of difficulty finishing *sigh*), and i have another AUs collide John Sheppard idea (shut up, Vegas hit me hard. i have yet to move away from it, i need to work through my grief, like a twelve step program) AND i have a gessoed canvas starring at me from across the room begging to be painted to Death Cab for Cutie or Imogen Heap.


Plus, my sister and I are supposed to go grab coffee at some point. hrm

it seems like LJ gets so quiet on the weekend *pokes*
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Sometimes i sound so much like Bridget Jones (unintentionally) that i scare myself.

got crutches (and boy, arent those their own pain in the ass) only for it to snow so my mom drove me in to school where we were late for my first class and then before she could let me out at the SUB the campus police started closing off parts of the parking lot. fun eh? so we went back home where i have called/txted everyone at work trying to get someone to cover me and NO one can do it *flail* i left a msg on one girl's machine and she hasn't gotten back to me so *crosses fingers* though i'm not too hopeful. i've got 4 hrs to get someone.

hmm, today i really need to fax in my education verification so i can get my copy of Creative Suit ordered and in the mail ( i need it by monday WAH).

think i shall go check up on [ profile] sga_flashfic and see if a new challenge has been posted.
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just royally sprained my ankle cause i jumped a little. just totally landed wrong. had to lie down on the floor for a minute to get the queesy feeling to subside so i could hop over to the freezer and get ice. ouch ouch ouch. this is so not good. must have an ankle to go to school and work on. i dont even own crutches. there are no crutches *cry* hopefully copious amounts of ice will make for miraculous healing by tomorrow?

(is overly optimistic)

this was like, checking to make sure i didnt break anything on the scale of badness. in my own home. *boggles at stupidity*


Jan. 6th, 2009 11:01 am
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So, I got very little sleep last night (like 4 hrs) because i woke up an hr early somehow (my clock got messed up). so, tired and really really cold and still feeling a little waterlogged from yesterday (had to trudge all over campus in melting slush, water up to my ankles), ate breakfast, said GLARG, and went back to sleep for another 45min before heading out for WestCiv. Then i went home and slept for another half hr before going back into for Anthro.

The whole day i feel like i cant get quite warm enough, like the back of my mind is still asleep. i'm awake and functioning, it's not like i'm nodding off but i honestly feel tired, deep rooted in being freakishly cold. i desperately need to find a pair of waterproof boots but everything i've found in the stores so far are made of thin suede-y stuff which makes my poor cold, wet stockinged feet cringe.

I tried to explain to a non-tv addicted friend the sheer wrongness of SGA ending as exemplified by Vegas using a Hershey's chocolate example. i'm not entirely sure how sucessful i was but i feel i acurately conveyed a irritated, insulted tone lol


Dec. 25th, 2008 10:31 am
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now its christmas that is really not worth it. just got yelled at by my father and had to repress about a dozen varying versions of "well fuck you too, prick"

don't you love the holidays?


Dec. 22nd, 2008 12:11 pm
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We have a lot of it. It was to the bottom of my car yesterday and it snowed more in the night. Just... *a lot* like 12"+ which is unusual for us.

i'm getting zero reception on my phone too which means i'm going to have to drive a ways into town just to check and see if my work is open (i'm going to guess it isnt but you never know)

if you havent ever heard Andrew Bird go, go right now. Listen to "Imitosis" and "A Nervous Tic Motion of the Head to the Left" and "Measuring Cups"

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Mostly because I'm so far from thankful for my father i'm on the ass island of island Hate His Living Guts.

last thanksgiving i got kicked out of the house for suggesting we not call someone on Craigslist about something we were selling on thanksgiving because it was a holiday and time for families to be together, not deal with craigslist. the year before i ended up having to pack all my stuff up in my car and was about to get kicked out before my mom talked him down. this yr i just had to rescue my laptop from getting hurled against a cedar wall because there is no place for my stuff. like my movies and cds, they just get taken from where the family stuff goes and dumped in my room. and my laptop was in the way of his cleaning.

so, thankful? not so much. more desperate to get out of here which i cant for the interim. not that i'm complaining, because i really have come to grips with this sad fact. that dwelling and getting angry over it doesnt do anything constructive. i just have to hang in there for a couple more yrs.

M was talking about how excited she is for thanksgiving and i have to saw it confounded me. i was just like "....why?" i wake up to yelling and a deep urge to tell my father he can go fuck himself.

that is all.
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*boggles* I just hit 10,001 words! 20% finished. I am so amazingly happy and amazed. Course that doesn't mean i can stop today, I still have like 3000 more words to make up for falling behind this week. But this is still a milestone imo. I'm shocked and amazed I've stuck with this story so far but i guess I shouldnt be since its hardly more than an aggrandized retelling of stuff thats mostly already happened in real life. i guess anyone can ramble on in a journal for a billion words right?

i went to the library today too, returned about 8 items since they were threatening to send a collection agency after me *shiver* just hope this appeases them and i dont have to pay any fines. books are expensive!

i cancelled on M last night because i was working and i knew that i'd need to work on nano. she hasnt responded to me at all. i find it kind of odd. i cant really imagine her being angry but i guess its possible. *sigh* it's not like she makes a whole lot of time for me so she can deal with it. nano is only for one month.

i havent finished this weeks SGA but there was something i was going to say... you know, beside just "oh boys! just nerds!" how are they canceling this lovely lovely show?

i broke and bought "Knives Don't Have Your Back" by Emily Haines. beautiful album. just amazing and lazy and gorgeous.


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