Aug. 23rd, 2008 02:12 pm
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I think my arms are going to fall off. but i finished the main pat of the front piece. *weak yay* only took me 5 days too. there is an end in sight i believe so long as i dont muck up the next bit.

mud bay finally emailed me back, 4 more days at Jamba Juice and then i'm am gone. all rejoice.

that is all.

New Laptop

Jun. 10th, 2008 05:10 pm
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My macbook came today! 2.4 ghz, 160 mb, 13.1". happiness and joy! its so amazingly sleek and cool. i've wanted one of these, well just a mac in general, since they only had iBook or w/e it was, i forget now. i'm so amazingly happy though. lots of new stuff to learn though. i've never actually used a Mac before so its an experience. I still need to get Windows for Mac (i was told that its wise since i'll be using this as a school computer). i did the nifty summer deal and am getting a free iPod Nano which is in Anchorage last time i checked :)

The Big Damn Job Search of 2008 continues. I applied to Blockbuster yesterday (06/09) and i still need to go to Mud Bay Coffee Co but i havent quite worked up the courage yet.

I went to Borders yesterday. I was bored and i have gift certs there so i said, what the hell. i'll probably end up watching tv reruns, the BBC and reading all summer long at this rate. not that thats bad but i really wanted a job! anyways, Borders; i spent $16 for a Terry Pratches (Wyrd Sisters) and a Madeleine L'Engle book (An Acceptable Time). its rather ridiculous really, but thats the economy for you. personally, i like printed pages, i'm not interested in getting eBooks of Amazon even if they do start making slick readers. i think its probably worse for your eyes even than regular pages and theres just nothing like the feel of real pages under your fingertips, the smell of fresh printing and the visual accomplishment of your bookmark moving steadily through the sea of pages.

but thats just my opinion.

my goal this summer is to write more, creative endeavors i mean. i really want to try to get something accomplished, finished.

i made a delightful pound cake last night, Pecan Sour Cream with a Key Lime drizzle (the only reason i did key lime was because i didnt acutally have any other citrus on hand--it called for orange juice). its really good. pound cake is so much better than regular cake, of which i'm not a huge fan-it has so little substance or flavor generally, esp out of a box. anyways, there was too much better in the pan, it puffed up a little over the edge and i ended up having to cut off most of the bottom so i could get it out of the bundt pan, such are my adventures in cooking.

gosh, this post has really rather run away from me, mst be the enticing allure of fresh keys :)
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GAH, 73 notecards (2 of them just pg numbers to a whole gaggle of facts i didnt feel like writing down) from 9 sources. I feel like if i have to do anything more tonight my head is going to explode but i STILL have to watch U-571 and then actually *write* the darn paper.

i'm going to need a lot more tea.

Update on the job hunt, the number of applications is up to 8 with Walgreens and Coldstone (both 6/03). I'm really starting to get desperate now. Pretty soon i'm going to start sending my resume to people wanting office receptionists -_-
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So, i've spent the past couple weeks (2-3) job hunting and applying to various places. I'm up to *edit* 6 right now, plus i've got my name out to three different people to let me know if they hear of anything. not a whole lot but still, i didnt expect to get absolutely *no* hits back.

i'm completely and utterably un-employable. how depressing is that?

The List (for your reading entertainment)

-Target, big no
-Costco, 2-3 weeks and no word
-Safeway, 5/27 no word
-Borders, 5/31 no word
-Staples, 6/02
-Old Nacy, 6/02


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