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Mostly because I'm so far from thankful for my father i'm on the ass island of island Hate His Living Guts.

last thanksgiving i got kicked out of the house for suggesting we not call someone on Craigslist about something we were selling on thanksgiving because it was a holiday and time for families to be together, not deal with craigslist. the year before i ended up having to pack all my stuff up in my car and was about to get kicked out before my mom talked him down. this yr i just had to rescue my laptop from getting hurled against a cedar wall because there is no place for my stuff. like my movies and cds, they just get taken from where the family stuff goes and dumped in my room. and my laptop was in the way of his cleaning.

so, thankful? not so much. more desperate to get out of here which i cant for the interim. not that i'm complaining, because i really have come to grips with this sad fact. that dwelling and getting angry over it doesnt do anything constructive. i just have to hang in there for a couple more yrs.

M was talking about how excited she is for thanksgiving and i have to saw it confounded me. i was just like "....why?" i wake up to yelling and a deep urge to tell my father he can go fuck himself.

that is all.
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I'm a big dork maybe but i love the fair. its so much fun. its such a page out of a different time, a peek into history. and its not a museum, its a real life tradition. i wish there were more traditions that had survived the decades.

i'm an OLD 4-H kid. i participated back when i was in like 1st-3rd grades, took a long hiatus and then start showing in open classes about 3 yrs ago. before you go thinking i raise goats or pigs or something, it wasnt like that. the 4-H i was in did cooking, sewing and arts/crafts. homemaker stuff. it was a blast. usually in the open classes i've entered in the fine art paintings division but this yr i had no inspiration and a yen to try and compete with my needlearts. i've done so much knitting and crocheting this year it was a natural switch.

amazingly, i'm still old enough to compete in the jrs category and i got three blues! *happy dance* i entered a big doily, a bucket hat and a funky scarf so i was quite proud. i have to look into entering the state fair i think, next. my stuffs probably not really up to par for that arena but its a good excuse to drag some friends to the fair this year ;) i havent gone in YEARS AND YEARS because my family doesnt like the crowds and the long drive.

this yr i went with my sister and the nephew and it was a blast. we saw all the animals and the nephew rode on a bunch of tiny person rides. a total blast. the only thing we missed were the carriage rides which was SO SAD.

they had zebras in the exotic petting zoo this year and they were SO SOFT. and they had tiny llamas/alpacas? ( i cant tell when they're shaved) and sheep and goats. it was fun. i totally love the llamas (with their hair). if i even have acreage and horses i'm getting a llama (they are really good guard animals and they will herd with horses)

now i've also got to get started on next year's entries. i want to FINALLY make a complete tablecloth or bedspread and some lace-edged handkerchiefs.

on a different note Ebay's going decently. we sold about 42% of what we listed and we've reorganized or stock (put stuff together as sets etc). we're also pulling out more stuff we didnt list last time and prepping it to all go out together this thursday. hopefully things will be steady and we can SRSLY clean out our closets :D

Icon news

Jul. 31st, 2008 09:41 am
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Well, i signed up to make smallville icons at [ profile] i_episode. 7 seasons due by October. thats a lot of icons for me. i hardly make any or do anything graphical anymore. but i'm srsly loving smallville so i had to.

anyways, been slowly plugging along on those and participating in a couple lims challenges (btw, sign-ups are open for [ profile] ats_lims and [ profile] justagirl_lims, go check them out!)

i've also been working a lot as always, going to school (BORING) and selling a bunch of stuff on ebay for my sister.

we went to the county fair yesterday, i won 3 blue ribbons (for a crochet hat, scarf and doily), woo hoo! i think that means i can qualify for the state fair if i want. i think i might, it would be fun to drive up and spend the day there this fall ( i havent been in YEARS AND YEARS). my sister and i had a blast, the only thing we didnt get to do was take a carriage ride (line was too long) but we put the nephew on a bunch of rides and stuff and he seemed to have a lot of fun.

the weather continues to be drisly and very un-summerlike. no doubt we've been doing very badly at work the past couple days (Jamba really isnt the best industry for Washington state i have to say)
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the fam's not much for fireworks but we do have one tradition: making homemade ice cream. and man, there is nothing better than a cup of fresh made vanilla ice cream with strawberries straight out of the garden ;D

summer is going by so quickly, it's sad. there was so much i wanted to do that i just know i'm not going to get done.

currently reading: The Golden Compass, about 90 pgs into it so it's starting to pick up

currently watching: Farscape s.3, i dont think i watched more than a couple eps of s.2 but oh well *sheepish* cheesy and fun anyways


Dec. 25th, 2005 06:26 pm
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so, i was ovoiding this bandwagon even though i knew nothing about simply because it was, well, a bandwagon. i got a book of it in the xmas exchange though and started playing and omg, fun! tickles my numberness like whoa ;D

other gifts included a "hotel robe" that my mum snagged up from Macy's when they came in, fuzzy socks, a cute super!soft throw blanket (yes, everyone IS in fact sicka nd tired of me turning the heat up at my parents' house when we're all over *lol*), a body fat analyzer (which i did, in fact, ask for ^.^), two pairs of workout clothes, B&N gift cert + godiva chocolates, loose leaf Darjeeling tea, and of course the treadmill my parents gave me a couple weeks ago.

i'm super happy about the gifts odd as they might be :)

christmas was fun despite the fact that it didnt really feel like christmas. talked with the uncle about movies and writing et/all.

at the moment though what i'd really like is a copy of Dr. Who's TCI *goes to refresh torrent page for ysi link* and possibly some 'nog, or water, or tea.... something wet, and a lot of it *cheeky*
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ok, on the gf's comp at the moment. i'll be flying back in to Sea-Tac this afternoon. its been a lot of fun, tiring but fun. and i even got about 2000 words finished on the ficathon fic. i'm going to have to spend tonight finishing that up, beta it tomorrow morning and then, voila, on time lets hope. hmmm, coffee, oreos and a granola bar for brunch, yum. *lol* isnt it wonderful how healthy i've been eating? but i'm been swimming a lot and walking a good bit so i figure i'm ok.

we've watched a good number of movies or at least it feels like that: Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Without a Paddle, Underworld, The Matrix: Revolutions (i missed the last 30 minutes of this), The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, Big Fish, Secret Window, Parts of The Last Starfighter and parts of Gremlins. i think thats all..i might be forgetting something. and on top of that there was nothing good or interesting (that wasnt PPV) on late at night so we ended up watching the Degrassi marathon that was playing *head desk* omg, i think i've had my fill of "wholesome" teenage fun for...umm, ever.

i got a blister on my big toe though and its all bloody and pussy still and the creepy thing is one of her dogs keeps on trying to lick it *seriously squicked*

i bought a couple things this trip (unlike canada) including: $18 copy of the first five Hitchhiker books, Mort at 20% off, new shiny engravable dog tags, a green stone necklace, a new guitar capo, varius amounts of candy and a really yummy frappechino, oh and the new DMB cd. so, not that much and i probably should have gotten another cd but oh well. i'm in love with this store they have here called Hastings--its got books and magazines like B&N but movies and music (including cheeper used stuff) as well and the music selection is like everything i've ever wanted all in one place and none to very little of the icky pop stuff clogging mainstream Circut City's and Target's. i mean, they had ASH's Music For Elevators listed for crying out loud! (unfortunatly it was out of stock when i was there).

oh! and we went pottery painting yesturday and i made a cute little asian rice bowl. sorry, non sequitor but i'veonly had one cup of coffee and i'm tired. i was in the pool playing volley ball with the gf's younger sister for aout 1 1/2 hrs *yawns*


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