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spent most of last night in considerable amounts of pain. My period just started, i pulled a muscle in my bad, my stomach feels like i have food poisoning (this is on top of normal cramps) and i'm pretty sure i had a fever at least last night (i dont have a thermometer so it's not something i can quantitatively monitor, this is just a gut feeling)

i'm a little worried i have appendicitis. which would really really blow because i dont know which med facility i should go to in this town, i JUST STARTED THE FUCKING SEMESTER (as is, i had to miss class today because i was up every hr or so from 11pm to 7am and didnt really get to sleep until 8am which is when i need to start thinking about getting ready to catch the bus) and i cant afford to take a week off to recover from surgery while a whole in my torso closes up. and the very idea of dealing with getting to a hospital and getting back to my apt and caring for myself on my own while heavily medicated and with a theoretical whole in my torso... the logistics are just such a screaming nightmare i can't think about it.

lets hope it's just some freaking stomach bug hitting me perversely on the same day as my fucking period.


food today

Jun. 16th, 2006 06:27 pm
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Breakfast: 2/3 c. veggie soup, all natural power bar, apple w/ cinnamon, 1/2 c. rasberries w/ 1 tbs sugar

Snack: 2 tbs soy nuts, 2 in. stick dried papaya

Dinner: 1 piece whole wheat toast, 4 sm slices swiss cheese, 2 pieces chicken, mustard, apple, 12 oz nonfat chai tea, 1/2 pinapple, scant 1/4 c. walnuts, box raisins


Feb. 10th, 2006 07:24 pm
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ugg, second or third time this yr. had districts today in knowledge bowl and i was dragging all day, but it was, nevertheless, lots of fun and we made it to state so yaahooo!

i ran by the bead shop on the way home too so i could pick up some stuff for a new project but they didnt have the correct size needles i need so i'm going to go rummage through my greataunt's super ancient sewing machine chair and see if something useful was stuck in there by accident.

slowly but surely working my way to an art dump...slowly... ;)
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i don't diet, never have. i play at numbers. instead of choosing to buy and eat the low fat frozen yogurt i sacrifice dinner so i can bake the rum sugar cookies.

and once upon a time this worked. this worked just fine and i dropped 2/3 of my goal (weightwise-because ultimately, a number too has always been my goal)

now that same numbers game isnt working. now, to beat this plateau i really need to cut out the unecessary fats and sugars and bulk up on the plain veggies.

but its SO HARD not to bake that rum sugar cookie.

i've started a new fitness program (my goal being a total of 7 hrs a week) and while i havent been totally faithful with it, i have worked a little extra so that i catch up on the missed hr.

now, if only i could give up the cookie and the bite of almond bark or the peanut butter.

...because its not even as if i need it...i just crave it because i've always had it and its...comfortable. celery isnt comfortable, its like a sharp edged blade...but one that will cut away the extra pounds and fat.

today i ate the cookie but then worked out for an hr so it balances out in the numbers game... but tomorrow i'll still be stuck 1/3 of the way away from the finish line.


Sep. 20th, 2005 05:49 pm
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so, i left thursday for a 2 1/2 day conference in Canada, had a lot of fun, made friends with a guy who i've got an early morning class with and knew another friend of mine (Kim) and is a classic sci-fi geek. and he's working to be a doctor/something medical which is mind boggling to me but heh, the guy's nice and really very smart so i had fun chatting with him on the six hour car ride -_-

i get back to classes on monday feeling very swamped.i do several make-up tests, work on make-up work, run over to the drama Dep. at 4pm to audition for the fall play, feel completely out of my depth (though one of the veteran dramatists, ie she's involved in all the big productions they do and usually has a star/lead supporting role because really is that good, said she thought my monologue and prissy victorian accent [i was doing an Emma monologue from Emma the book] were hilarious so *crosses fingers*), get home around 5:30 and crash in front of the tv with Fight the Future (which was very good imo *hee*), workout and then go to bed around 10:30 after reading Bradbury for awhile.

i have to get up at 5:30 am this morning so that i can get over to H&M's house at 7am and then to class later on in the morning. so already i'm very tired, M was very kind though and bought me espresso (<3's him), then i get to school and, realize, i've had a sore throat for a couple days but i'm thinking i just strained it or something because i've had to do a LOT of talking the past couple days (including reading several newspaper bits out loud for the driver of the van on the way back home for Canada) but i'm going through my day and i'm super tired, my head is full of cotton and i'm sneezy like crazy and when it comes time to drive over to the DOL, renew my license etc etc, its official--i'm sick as a dog.

i almost fell asleep while driving home today twice. *shivers* i just stood up to grab another glass of water and found that one of the sudafed i had taken never actually made its way into my mouth. and ice cream doesnt even sound good. i'm just so euggy, and i think i caught this from Bri whose been sick since last Wednesday.

so how was your tuesday?


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