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omg, childhood staple just destroyed *cries tears of rage* a serving of regular oreo cookies has 2.5 g of trans fats. no this isnt surprising but to be confronted by such a horrible truth... *shivers* its even worse then helping my sister bake the pies for xmas this yr and realizing just how horrendously bad they were for us. the crust had original butter criscoe in it -_-

also? why did they cancel K.Confidential? why??

**message brought to you by post holiday system flushing and fuzzy terry robe

ETA: snagged from [ profile] glimmergirl

In the year 2006 I resolve to:

Get a mullet.

Get your resolution here

*blinkie* oh god noooo!

oh! and i forgot to mention, received a review from today with a very old shamefully written story and a person requestiong that i "update again soon". which, ok, not too shocking considering just how many wips i've left floating around out there but umm, this person did get the point when this particular story's last line was "finis" right? right? good, just checking. of course it now makes my fanficcy fingers fingle again darnit -_-

also, in the process of watching the Angel ep "Billy" and thinking to myself "S. and i should collaberate on a supernatural thriller series--he's got the hard-boiled tone and i have the dar,k gory scare-your-pants action... it could so work!" looping through my head.

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*flops tiredly into chair* i have newfound respect for all of womankind who has come before me. i just spent that last 1hr 15min prepping dough for the first, repeat first rising. now, admittedly, a good chunk of that time (20ish minutes of it) was spent "peeling" an acorn squash with a knife that definitly needed to be sharper *sheepish* but the rest of that time was spent mixing it together. which doesnt make sense because its not like there are that many ingredients...i swear, bread baking creates folds in the fabric of time, opening vacumes that suck precious minutes away like umm, oreo cookie bits through a smoothie straw. and its still going to be about 2 hrs before the bread'll be, hopefully, cooked. i need to remember to start uberly long projects like this earlier in the day -_-
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i baked bread and drank Russian tea and tomorrow i shall see about getting my hands on some squash or fresh pumpkin and bake muffins and soup.

also, Billy's Bootcamp (you know, the workout) fun but *whimper* intenso. very. *whimpers some more and cradles tea close* also, i bought a copy of Don Quixote today for 38 cents. who knows when i'll get around to reading it but still, 38 cents, couldnt resist.
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When you see this on your flist, quote Firefly.

posting simply because i couldnt resist *lol* today was hell, tomorrow will be better *is hopeful* i have a lot of work i have to do tonight -_- everyone down in Orange has been heard from though so thats good.

also, eggplant when prepared correctly? very good.
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snickers popables? sooooooooooo very addictive. i figure i deserve them post!school *lol* hw! hw on the first day! at least its a 3 day weekend.

ugg, no more popables, darn those things are sweet *feels slightly sick* still, addictive!

oh, and gip! i was trying to expirament with the use of open space. i think it turned out not too horrible *squints*
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i could soooo do the South Beach diet

*munches on lunch of raw carrots and cucumbers*
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my god it feels like 3pm. i got going a lot earlier then usual today cause dude i've been all floopy post-luncheon for awhile now and its only 1pm!

i should do something productive but i can't find my painting canvas, its a bit early to start work on the nephew's xmas gifts (and i dont have any other yarn but some baby blue stuff meant for him), i suppose i could read W&P but i'm not feeling very motivated and i'm saving Relativity for when i get around to buying a white board (because i just know there are things that are going to confuse the shite out of me that i'll end up having to work out by hand to figure out). and writing? not so much with the happening.

on the other hand, went supply shopping and omg! i love school supplies! *geeks out* the purchasing of fresh mechanical pencils and Sarasa pens and fresh notebooks and brandspanking new messenger bag. ee! love it. i spent thirty minutes shifting through all my old stuff and the new stuff and arranging/organizing everything. and my mum, who was with me, bought my huge, huge Webster Collegiate dictionary and thesarus for bday presents. *bounce* strange, crazy, just plain weird am i.

oh! and i have a new cookbook which is filled with quick, healthy and yummy sounding dinners/desserts. like a fruity cottage cheese salad and chocolate ricotta pear. mmmm. i, of course, have none of the necessary ingredients but still--droolworthy.

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slurping your bloody oatmeal. since i started actually trying to eat healthy and in good taste i just cannot get over some people. i hate going to dinner at my parents' house sometimes because my father smacks/slurps everything and my mum cannot drink without gulping. -_-

in other news, somehow i managed to scrape my leg from knee to ankle (not badly because its not even seeping a little).

refraining from reading anything but the personal flist = so hard. *whimper*

i think i'm going to go try to finish the Hot Zone icon set.


Aug. 4th, 2005 10:00 pm
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so over the past week or so i keep reading fic and the characters keep eating/mentioning jello and i was like "mmm, that would be good" so i made some despite the fact that i was fully prepared to be mocked for doing so by the others occupants of the house. instead? they ate all of it. *grabs last 1/2 cup* sheesh.
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so i was craving cookies. i blame it on reducing myself to watching Robin Hood: Prince oT. i've baked everything in the Joy of Cooking that a)isnt uberly complicated and b)i currently have all the ingrediants for. so i flip through a big 3-ring binder of clippings my mum collected over the years (starting in the 70s if i'm any judge of clothing) and sound 1 cookie recipe. 1! and it was for sugar cookies! *head desk* so i decide, why not make up a recipe?

yumness. *cooes over cookies* i brought some over for m'da to try (because he's home flooping about the house today) and he ate 3! (which is good considering the batch only made 17.5 rather large cookies) *bounce* he's a pretty tough critic too so i'm v. happy. i think i might see if i can come with any other recipes. who knows, maybe i should give up fiction and try for cooking. i wonder how the cookbook market is faring.


Jul. 16th, 2005 07:03 pm
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wow..umm... i think 3ishhrs of collaging fried my brain. dinner tonight consisted of coffee, salmon with parmesean (like, salmon that been boiled in water in a plastic bag last week, reheated and smothered in plain ol' kraft parmesean), and york peppermint paties. *blinkblink*

...nope, nothing else to say in this post.

good day

Jul. 14th, 2005 12:43 pm
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after 40 min of high impact aerobics, stretching and showering lunch consisted of BBQ Chicken and Broccoli soup, Rye toast, and gingersnap ice cream sandwhiches. mmmmmmmmm *hums happily* gingersnaps + vanilla ice cream has got to me one of the best deserts ever. well, no, but still yum.

yesturday i mowed the Lawn from Hell in a surprising 1/3 of the time it took last time. yay!

baby taking care of is scary. i'm all gung ho to play with the little bugger when he's running around getting dirty and learning to read but umm... feeding? holding very very carefully? poopy diapers? no. nonononononononononono. can i be any more emphatic? at least its working out so far that i leave the baby taking care of to nana and grandpa and volunteer to mow the lawn and help the bro with the house work projects that take multiple hands.

5 icons left to finish, weee! maybe i'll actually work on them today -_-
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so they didnt have the Pure Protien or whatever they're called that i've been eating (that due mostly to the fact that i was at the wrong store *lol*) so i thought, hey? why not try something new? i'm not sure if they're new or if they've been out for awhile but the Cliff Builder bars are reeeeeallly goood. stamps of approval an' all that *nods* also? Special K cereal sprinkled over ice cream? v. good too *hee*

have plans to help the bro put up a gazebo in their backyard todey and then i might use their treadmill... havent quite decided yet.

2 more days!!!!


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