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he refuses to use his credit card to buy anything online because he doesnt want his identity stolen BUT he expects me and my sister to use *our* credit cards/paypal accounts (which mine is connected with my main bank account) to buy him stuff. because...what...our cards are different? wtf.


Dec. 25th, 2005 06:26 pm
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so, i was ovoiding this bandwagon even though i knew nothing about simply because it was, well, a bandwagon. i got a book of it in the xmas exchange though and started playing and omg, fun! tickles my numberness like whoa ;D

other gifts included a "hotel robe" that my mum snagged up from Macy's when they came in, fuzzy socks, a cute super!soft throw blanket (yes, everyone IS in fact sicka nd tired of me turning the heat up at my parents' house when we're all over *lol*), a body fat analyzer (which i did, in fact, ask for ^.^), two pairs of workout clothes, B&N gift cert + godiva chocolates, loose leaf Darjeeling tea, and of course the treadmill my parents gave me a couple weeks ago.

i'm super happy about the gifts odd as they might be :)

christmas was fun despite the fact that it didnt really feel like christmas. talked with the uncle about movies and writing et/all.

at the moment though what i'd really like is a copy of Dr. Who's TCI *goes to refresh torrent page for ysi link* and possibly some 'nog, or water, or tea.... something wet, and a lot of it *cheeky*

good day

Jul. 14th, 2005 12:43 pm
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after 40 min of high impact aerobics, stretching and showering lunch consisted of BBQ Chicken and Broccoli soup, Rye toast, and gingersnap ice cream sandwhiches. mmmmmmmmm *hums happily* gingersnaps + vanilla ice cream has got to me one of the best deserts ever. well, no, but still yum.

yesturday i mowed the Lawn from Hell in a surprising 1/3 of the time it took last time. yay!

baby taking care of is scary. i'm all gung ho to play with the little bugger when he's running around getting dirty and learning to read but umm... feeding? holding very very carefully? poopy diapers? no. nonononononononononono. can i be any more emphatic? at least its working out so far that i leave the baby taking care of to nana and grandpa and volunteer to mow the lawn and help the bro with the house work projects that take multiple hands.

5 icons left to finish, weee! maybe i'll actually work on them today -_-


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