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Untitled Doctor Who ficlet
Prompt: 11/The Picture of Dorian Grey, for [ profile] comment_fic
250 words, why is this so difficult? )
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ERM, I need to rewatch series 5 of Doctor Who. And then I might make a more coherent post. In short, Matt Smith won me over and I would totally cuddle Rory if he was a real person irl (idk, the guys sort of cute! and waited 2000 years! wah)

Also, some very pretty shooting. I think it demands icons. It also makes me want to go back and rewatch my favorite eps from previous series butbutbut, I haven't caught up on Torchwood and that's a whole angst-ridden can of worms that requires mental fortitude. Blarg.

Attempting to use up produce (not frozen) in my fridge before I fly home for holiday. As such, I have a tray of sliced yam and potatoe in the oven which I am trying to turn into chips. =/ we'll see (and no, I don't LIKE sweet potatoe chips despite the fad, it's just I BOUGHT IT and can't stand to see it go bad and I would feel like a strange perv shaped person if I packed it in my bag on the flight /facepalm)

I need a Doctor Who icon D:
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So, quiet weekend. I admittedly accomplished MUCH less than I intended, but isn't that how it always goes?

Baked an absolutely delicious chicken pot pie on saturday. Not very difficult, I made half a batch, stuck it in a "pan" made out of tin foil and ate it over the weekend lol. linkie

Finally bit the bullet and started catching up on Doctor Who. Ramble Ahoy! )

Next up: commentfic? and more icons. I work at a snails pace. A snail who stops to take naps in the flowers and go on picnics.
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I feel like I should say something about the latest Doctor Who Special and a reaction to news leaked about Doctor 11.

I definitely have a soft spot in my heart for David Morrissey after Blackpool so I thought it was pretty awesome having him as a guest star with Tennant. I loved his interpretations of what it meant to be the Doctor and the Doctor's lovely reaction to him. The "villain" woman was unconvincing but oh well *shrugs* the cybermen have never been my favourite villains anyways. i wish we could come up with something new and terrifying that's maybe unique to the new series (NOT the slythean >_<)

as for Eleven.... i watched The Ruby in the Smoke ie, the ONLY thing of note he's been in practically and it leaves me scratching my head over why they chose him. I hope to be pleasantly surprised, don't get me wrong, but the guy just doesn't seem to have quite the unique and enigmatic presence we had with both Eccleston and Tennant. i was so hopeful that Tennant would stick around long enough to rival Tom Baker and it makes me sad to see him leave.
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ok, so D Hewlett has said his only hangup with playing doctor who is that he doesnt know what he could bring different from the role that would set him apart from Tom Baker, his fav doctor. and...

Rude!Sarcastic!Doctor ala McKay, pleasepleaseplease?

take the "rude but not ginger" and actually go somewhere with it.
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went back to school yesturday after a pitifully short break.

inbetween hours of SGA re-watching and DW/TW/SJM and SW Galactic Battlegrounds playing (dont ask) i have actually been fairly productive. i rearranged some furniture so that i could move my great aunt's antique sewing machine into the house (its an old Singer built into fold out wings of a desk), posted several things to Craigslist (though i've still got more of that to do -_-), read, painted, and even done some sketching.

my sister and brother-in-law got me a new art easel (its a full size square style with drawer but the legs collapse and fold down to just the size of the drawer/tray so that its portable) and its inspired me to work more at home outside of art class.

sketch 01 sketch 02

in other news--who else just totally loved the Dr Who xmas special and the Torchwood season finale?
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Cut for DW spoilers )

day two...

Mar. 17th, 2006 06:55 pm
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of the Doctor Who making scarf saga and i'm at 26/27" *cheers* it definitly gets easier as time goes by but its still slow progress.

watched Forest Gump, laughed and cried and got through more then a block of color ;)

i ran errands today; picked up some books from the library, bought more yarn, worked out, and searched around a bit for Jelly Babies out of curiosity but it looks like if i want to try some i'm going to have to special order them. oh well.

hope everyone's having a safe St. Patrick's Day.
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so, while i've been catching up on my classic Dr. Who i've also been falling in love with Tom Baker' scarf *drools all over it* what can i say, i really am a sucker for hats and scarfs ( i was going to make a cute little hat based on something Willow wore once on BtVS but i lost the pattern. it is v. sad) so, anyway, i've started making my own super!long!and!wide!with tassels!scarf and omg, its going to break my hand before i'm done but so worth it!

good lord i'm tired though. thank gawd tomorrow's my last day before the long weekend.
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...or i'm blind and still half asleep!

(this brought to you by the Dr. Who 2006 trailer)
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ugg, uploaded this for someone but another person did as well so i figure if anyone out in flist-land is interested you can go ahead and snag Dr. Who (2005) ep 08 "Father's Day" here:

because i'd hate for my 5 hrs to go to waste *kicks stupid power blips*
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Condemned-3 things )

otherwise, i'm hungry *sigh* and Dr Who makes my mind get all in a tizy (because i've never really watched any of the previous drs and i know almost zero backstory on the Doctor himself) about who this fascinating beguiling character really is. what makes him tick? why does he do what he does? its just so much fun to watch.

the da mentioned Farscape was going to be playing reruns on UPN. *frowns thoughtfully* if there is any truth in this it might be worth my keeping an eye out for.

that is all
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i am only ever going to get to see the first 1/2 of a DW ep grrrrrr. the first confidential i dl from yousendit worked at 322mb but now when i'm trying to dl the eps (which are 350, only 28mb more i dont see how there could be a problem) the thing always quits out at 172-176! and one of the links was brand spanking new of this morning so i dont understand. i even tried it on a fresh connection in case my buffer was overloading or something but that didnt do anything. i even closed everything, everything. no other programs or pages open.

bah, this just sucks cause the halves of what i've seen (eps 1 & 2) are great and funny and just totally geek!squeeish and i want to see the rest. there was a comment in the confidentials that Dr Who was something we all remember as a child and its like yes! i remember watching reruns of what i think are were the 5th dr on the bbc when i was really really little. *flails*

and bugger someone just sprayed some cleaner in the kitchen and omg, instand sinus headache and running nose, wtf? *eye starts watering* omg, i'm allergic to spray cleaner *runs for tissue*


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