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ERM, I need to rewatch series 5 of Doctor Who. And then I might make a more coherent post. In short, Matt Smith won me over and I would totally cuddle Rory if he was a real person irl (idk, the guys sort of cute! and waited 2000 years! wah)

Also, some very pretty shooting. I think it demands icons. It also makes me want to go back and rewatch my favorite eps from previous series butbutbut, I haven't caught up on Torchwood and that's a whole angst-ridden can of worms that requires mental fortitude. Blarg.

Attempting to use up produce (not frozen) in my fridge before I fly home for holiday. As such, I have a tray of sliced yam and potatoe in the oven which I am trying to turn into chips. =/ we'll see (and no, I don't LIKE sweet potatoe chips despite the fad, it's just I BOUGHT IT and can't stand to see it go bad and I would feel like a strange perv shaped person if I packed it in my bag on the flight /facepalm)

I need a Doctor Who icon D:
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So, quiet weekend. I admittedly accomplished MUCH less than I intended, but isn't that how it always goes?

Baked an absolutely delicious chicken pot pie on saturday. Not very difficult, I made half a batch, stuck it in a "pan" made out of tin foil and ate it over the weekend lol. linkie

Finally bit the bullet and started catching up on Doctor Who. Ramble Ahoy! )

Next up: commentfic? and more icons. I work at a snails pace. A snail who stops to take naps in the flowers and go on picnics.

New Laptop

Jun. 10th, 2008 05:10 pm
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My macbook came today! 2.4 ghz, 160 mb, 13.1". happiness and joy! its so amazingly sleek and cool. i've wanted one of these, well just a mac in general, since they only had iBook or w/e it was, i forget now. i'm so amazingly happy though. lots of new stuff to learn though. i've never actually used a Mac before so its an experience. I still need to get Windows for Mac (i was told that its wise since i'll be using this as a school computer). i did the nifty summer deal and am getting a free iPod Nano which is in Anchorage last time i checked :)

The Big Damn Job Search of 2008 continues. I applied to Blockbuster yesterday (06/09) and i still need to go to Mud Bay Coffee Co but i havent quite worked up the courage yet.

I went to Borders yesterday. I was bored and i have gift certs there so i said, what the hell. i'll probably end up watching tv reruns, the BBC and reading all summer long at this rate. not that thats bad but i really wanted a job! anyways, Borders; i spent $16 for a Terry Pratches (Wyrd Sisters) and a Madeleine L'Engle book (An Acceptable Time). its rather ridiculous really, but thats the economy for you. personally, i like printed pages, i'm not interested in getting eBooks of Amazon even if they do start making slick readers. i think its probably worse for your eyes even than regular pages and theres just nothing like the feel of real pages under your fingertips, the smell of fresh printing and the visual accomplishment of your bookmark moving steadily through the sea of pages.

but thats just my opinion.

my goal this summer is to write more, creative endeavors i mean. i really want to try to get something accomplished, finished.

i made a delightful pound cake last night, Pecan Sour Cream with a Key Lime drizzle (the only reason i did key lime was because i didnt acutally have any other citrus on hand--it called for orange juice). its really good. pound cake is so much better than regular cake, of which i'm not a huge fan-it has so little substance or flavor generally, esp out of a box. anyways, there was too much better in the pan, it puffed up a little over the edge and i ended up having to cut off most of the bottom so i could get it out of the bundt pan, such are my adventures in cooking.

gosh, this post has really rather run away from me, mst be the enticing allure of fresh keys :)


Jun. 19th, 2007 10:12 am
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is this going to be the summer of slob-dom, its like i'm physically incapable of waking up before 9 am -_-

baked cookies last night, very cute little affairs, then made up some colour flow frosting from the Wilton's recipe and practiced piping and making piping bags with different amounts of success *lol* it was fun, if messy and a bit sickening (i'm never going to taste frosting as i practice piping again -_- or i shall never loose weight) anyways tis fun.

today it is finally looking sunny so i should probably drag myself off and meet the bf somewhere while the good weather holds ;D
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*flops tiredly into chair* i have newfound respect for all of womankind who has come before me. i just spent that last 1hr 15min prepping dough for the first, repeat first rising. now, admittedly, a good chunk of that time (20ish minutes of it) was spent "peeling" an acorn squash with a knife that definitly needed to be sharper *sheepish* but the rest of that time was spent mixing it together. which doesnt make sense because its not like there are that many ingredients...i swear, bread baking creates folds in the fabric of time, opening vacumes that suck precious minutes away like umm, oreo cookie bits through a smoothie straw. and its still going to be about 2 hrs before the bread'll be, hopefully, cooked. i need to remember to start uberly long projects like this earlier in the day -_-
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my god it feels like 3pm. i got going a lot earlier then usual today cause dude i've been all floopy post-luncheon for awhile now and its only 1pm!

i should do something productive but i can't find my painting canvas, its a bit early to start work on the nephew's xmas gifts (and i dont have any other yarn but some baby blue stuff meant for him), i suppose i could read W&P but i'm not feeling very motivated and i'm saving Relativity for when i get around to buying a white board (because i just know there are things that are going to confuse the shite out of me that i'll end up having to work out by hand to figure out). and writing? not so much with the happening.

on the other hand, went supply shopping and omg! i love school supplies! *geeks out* the purchasing of fresh mechanical pencils and Sarasa pens and fresh notebooks and brandspanking new messenger bag. ee! love it. i spent thirty minutes shifting through all my old stuff and the new stuff and arranging/organizing everything. and my mum, who was with me, bought my huge, huge Webster Collegiate dictionary and thesarus for bday presents. *bounce* strange, crazy, just plain weird am i.

oh! and i have a new cookbook which is filled with quick, healthy and yummy sounding dinners/desserts. like a fruity cottage cheese salad and chocolate ricotta pear. mmmm. i, of course, have none of the necessary ingredients but still--droolworthy.

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so i was craving cookies. i blame it on reducing myself to watching Robin Hood: Prince oT. i've baked everything in the Joy of Cooking that a)isnt uberly complicated and b)i currently have all the ingrediants for. so i flip through a big 3-ring binder of clippings my mum collected over the years (starting in the 70s if i'm any judge of clothing) and sound 1 cookie recipe. 1! and it was for sugar cookies! *head desk* so i decide, why not make up a recipe?

yumness. *cooes over cookies* i brought some over for m'da to try (because he's home flooping about the house today) and he ate 3! (which is good considering the batch only made 17.5 rather large cookies) *bounce* he's a pretty tough critic too so i'm v. happy. i think i might see if i can come with any other recipes. who knows, maybe i should give up fiction and try for cooking. i wonder how the cookbook market is faring.


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