Jul. 30th, 2011 07:50 pm
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If anyone on the flist is a SPN fan and iconmaker head over to [livejournal.com profile] likethegun_lims for Round 8!! Should be lots of fun :) Challenge 1 and sign-ups are open until August 5th


Jul. 17th, 2011 09:50 pm
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So I'm pretty excited to be playing for Team Buffy this apocalypse over at [livejournal.com profile] whedonland. Btvs was my second big fandom and it's still probably my #1 favorite show (standing the test of time).

Recasting Buffy for whedonland )
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Anyone else watching Wilfred? srsly love the shit out of this show, I want to get my hands on the original run.
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AHHHH coloured my hair red. Will see how it looks in daylight tomorrow morning *crosses fingers* I havent done red in awhile (not since Jr High i think lol) and i went with a particularly brilliant fake red instead of an auburn because I felt like being a little wild. So, could look spectacularly awful, who knows. I don't have a ginger-complexion but I do have bright green eyes so it's always a bit of a toss up whether it looks ok.

it's summer, i'm bored XD

RE: real life.

I made a deal with my father to get a masters degree next year before i start applying to PDs. In exchange, he is going to pay for Muay Thai KB lessons sometime next year when i move back home to go to Evergreen. I think he dreams of me being a precinct captain. Don't know how to tell him just how much I dislike managing people.
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Not a lot to say. I haven't done much creative lately, maybe made a handful of icons -- I've got to get started on my Merlin20x20 this month I am WAY behind /facepalm -- and been working on an ancient (aka from '04/'05) Xander genderbender WIP.

Home for the summer. Life's kind of boring. Most of my friends are only just now finishing up their own quarters/semesters so hopefully things will liven up in the near future. Been hanging out with the sister&co which is fun. Need to kayak more. same ol' same ol'.
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Tie Our Hands to Something Solid
Fandom: SGA
Pairing: Sheppard/McKay
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 1k
Warnings: canon character death
Summary: Written for [livejournal.com profile] love_bingo prompt “gone too soon.” Italics from “forgetting something” by Nick Flynn. unbeta’d

He never slept with Dr. M. Rodney McKay )
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I'm trying to decide if I want to take the plunge and try to do [livejournal.com profile] reel_merlin this year. I've had the idea for a fic specifically for this challenge rattling around in a notebook since like January but I have yet to actually feel inspired to write merlin fic thus far.

On the one hand, havent successfully completed a fest-thing since like 2005 but on the other hand it could be like a summer project. it could be fun.

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Took my final today, now I have to wait until monday I think to see my grades for the semester. Crossing my fingers that i somehow miraculously pull out with two Cs and can remain in school. If not, it's expulsion and I'm not entirely sure what to do from there. I already signed another yr on my lease and there's no way in hell I tell my parents that I managed to flunk out of university.

Not going to think about it, I'm going to cling to the illusion that maybe my proffs will give me C's.
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H50 is instilling a pavlovian response in me to cackle every time a suspect runs because we know all it's going to do is end in Steve tackling the hell out of them and breaking something in their body.

I watch the episodes and find myself gleefully telling my friends things like "bwahahaha, I love it when they run."

As for next week's promo, i'll be over here --------------> going AMG MY DREAMS HAVE COME TRUEEEE
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I feel like one of the Lone Gunmen. No not Lee Harvey Oswald but one of the guys from X-Files.

I don't feel like this is something I can or particularly want to celebrate. Partiality because I'm not entirely convinced of its factuality.

I've been very bad at following the development of this war or Libya. I was pretty young when everything started and I do not trust or really believe news sources, specifically TV news sources. They're a cog in the political and economic system. They are biased and flawed with an agenda to sell. And by the time I wanted to have a better grasp on the situation a few years had passed and there was so much shit it didn't seem worth it to get mired down in all the filth, lies and smoke screens.

The violent end of one man... that's not victory.

The Obama administration needed to have a solid win under their belts in the recent memory of the voting public's minds, and specifically one that appeals to every moderate conservative who didn't vote for him the first time.

But I would celebrate the war being actually over. I would celebrate our troupes finally coming home to stay. I would celebrate the end of this occupation-- because that is what it is.


Apr. 23rd, 2011 08:17 pm
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Tiny Supernatural icon post

001-002 from s4
003-008 from s5

Total Icon Count: 8


Angels! )
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We're coming up on that time of year again where I increasingly find myself wanting to make Fuck you Brad Wright etcetc my permanent status. Because.... because SGA ending is like... idk, the worst breakup ever. Like a death. Like a lot of badbadbad things. I've been watching stargate since it aired, for the very first time. I was the one person in my family who watched it every week and adored the SG1 team to little tiny pieces and later my sister got them on dvd and was like "OMG all these yrs I suddenly why you've been watching this" and ok---like in SG1 I always had a thing for quirky a-hole Dr McKay who was in a whole THREE EPISODES but w/e he was awesome, it was like seeing myself trying to interact with people (I internalize my vitriol re: peers/coworkers/morons etc a little better but otherwise) AND THEN THEY PUT HIM ON HIS OWN SHOW along with all these other amazing people (Teyla! Ronon! Dr Z! Ford!(q.q) John!the most emotionally retarded pretty princess ever!) and like i adore DH to pieces (Where the Heart is the movie with him and Uma Therman and Dabne Coleman and the chick from Titanic is like one of my top five fav films ok), PIECES, and then

they cancelled it.

They wrote The Last Man, The Shrine and Vegas and then they cancelled it.

I still havent been able to bring myself to watch the final episode I was SO UPSET about the cancellation. It's been ... idk 2 yrs now? I still can't do it. I quite possibly will never watch it, I haven't really decided yet.

And I wont say that the show wasnt deeply flawed because, omg, it was. And basically I can't stand Carson and his mad scientist so far beyond questionable genetic experimentation ways (really IDEK what is going on with that, I kind of just want to cling to Ronon through that whole arc and make BUH faces at these stupid earthlings). So, deeply flawed, but there was so much potential. There was so much interesting stuff. I mean, the intrinsic premise is a FLYING CITY THAT YOU CONTROL WITH YOUR MIND. How is that ever not amazing? I love little self contained universes. A part of this speaks to the tiny trekker in me that still loves DS9 almost the best (don't judge, it's a sister thing >.>)


And, watching McKay learn to be a better person and watching people learn to love him despite himself at times, yeah, I liked that ok. It speaks to me. And I'm a young fan. I'm barely 22, I mean, I think I'm the target audience that SG:Universe is supposed to cater to or something, according to the statements I've read.

But no, it most definitely didnt bother me that the entire cast of Atlantis was having babies and hitting 40, and JFlan's greying hair was hot, ok.

So fuck you Brad Wright. Fuck you and your shiny, pretentious new show. Fuck you for taking away my campy (SG1 will always be the pinnacle of adorable campy awesomeness ty RDA) show with its flying city, bitchy chief science officer and his ridiculous flyboy. Fuck. You.
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Danny doesnt just call Steve babe, which I mean, that's enough really, but he also calls him honey. At the family dinner. I think my brain just exploded from their CANON CUTENESS.

the episode, with the triathletes, I was like honestly surprised when they didn't make out in the elevator. It was this moment and I was just like WAIT WHY ARENT YOU MAKING OUT??? actually, really, I'm just shocked they aren't making out on camera all over the place because their partnership is so not platonic I don't even NEED slashgoggles to see it.


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I think I've been artistically perjured.

It's just an icon so who cares, and really I think it's just sort of head-scratchingly obvious that all I can do is lol a little. But...yeah.

Went through a bunch of old files the last couple days in part because I needed old material for a school project. Found my '09 writing comp book which contained half of the next chapter of a story I was writing three years ago. Made me go OMG and then promptly write another 500 words of it. Total shit but it was fun.

I need to start deep cleaning the apartment. It's a mess. I need to clean up and pack away my books and dust and vacuum and take out the recycling. It's a nightmare of epic proportions.

Watched the pilot for H50 and enjoyed it despite myself. Then proceeded to watch EVERY OTHER EPISODE. I don't know how this happened but... omg, I might actually be enjoying it despite the fact that Steve is RIDICULOUS, so so ridiculous, and his lack of anything called procedure irritates me possibly even more than it irritates Danny. I feel like, a serious kinship with Danny because omg, what? what is this? none of this is legal, jesus wtf.

I want to be Kono when I grow up though. Grace Park, still awesome, still hot, still totally badass ♥♥♥
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20 Merlin icons featuring Morgana & Gwen


20x20 under the cut )


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