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Regarding the recent blogposts concerning drinking and rape -

"Jessica Wakeman at The Frisky 'bravely' ventured that maybe us laydeez really do need lecturing about 'how taking more drugs or drinking more booze than you can handle is stupid.'"

(Quote taken from feministe, read the full article here: )

First and foremost this statement is wrong because it is still VICTIM BLAMING.

Would you ever tell a man not to drink because it leaves him vulnerable to being raped? No? Because you do not define his existence as a human being as an object to be raped.This double standard that requires women to be constantly vigilant, putting the responsiblity and the blame on their shoulders, not only continues to perpetuate the victim-blame-game but highlights what is WRONG with socialized standards of thought.

By existing a woman is not asking to be raped. That's a choice on the part of the rapists. Rape happens because rapists rape, there is no consent involved, the rapist is not interested in consent. That anyone is going to disparage a victim because they werent able to fight back in a situation where THEY NEVER SHOULD HAVE HAD TO FIGHT IN THE FIRST PLACE, is deplorable.

And here's the point, women shouldn't have to be constantly vigilant. We shouldn't have to live in fear of being raped and assaulted and used. We shouldn't have to curb our behavior anymore than any man has to. We only have to be wary and fearful and constantly on our guard because there is something BROKEN and wrong with male patterns of thought; with this insidious, persistent idea that a woman by the simple act of breathing, is first and foremost, something to be fucked.

You want to know why chivalry is bullshit? There shouldn't be a need for protection in the first place.

This is not consent - June Jordan

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Date: 2011-12-18 05:04 pm (UTC)
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I agree with you wholeheartedly on all of this. I don't go out drinking for this very reason, nor do I let my male friends in my apartment unless there are at least a few other people there. I hate that I have to do it--I trust my friends, I swear I do--but there is still that damn standard. "You went out with/let him in, what did you expect?" I hate it.

And yes, there does need to be a lecture on over-indulging, but that's because drinking too much or using drugs too much is stupid for everyone. Dammit.


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