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Screwed my courage to the sticking place and started answering a prompt on the Inception Kink Meme. This is Day 4 working on it and I just hit 5k which (for me) is just... I'm flabbergasted. I estimate there might be another 10k left to write, depending on how involved the eventual sex gets (I dont write it very often but I feel its going to be fairly important to this story emotionally).

it's all very exciting and nerve wracking but exciting XD

I finished nanowrimo @ a measly 12k but again for me and my super slow writing habits I am satisfied. Next up after i've finished this story for the kink meme will be to dive headfirst into [ profile] angst_bingo. I've got a few difficult prompts i'm not sure what to do but i'm going to stay optimistic.

In other news, I am absolutely and completely in love with Spotify. It runs so much more smoothly on my mac than Pandora has (since they redesigned) and I love being able to sit for a couple hrs and just work through the entire catalog including remixes of my favourite artists.


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