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I love this meme and seeing all the things people carry around. My handbag is actually quite sparse just at the moment because I've been switching between it, a backpack and not carrying one at all so many things are not in their correct places...

Vera Bradley crossbody bag my sister got me a few years ago (three or four?) because I am deeply in love with turquoise

(going L to R, top to bottom)

comp book (strictly for stories), Sense & Nonsense in Crime Control Policies for class, day planner I do not use, plot of a story written on notecards, pencil & pen, MacBook (sticker courtesy of a customer at my old coffee job), floss, mini stapler (no staples, I cant find mini size x.x), tic tacs, toothbrush, two random pennies, swiss army knife, valentine from one of my old coworkers and BBFs (has a water tattoo of a scull inside which I always forget to stick on me as a joke), deck of cards, earplugs (courtesy of my father because you never know when you'll be on the shooting range and need some earplugs, no really), last jiffylube statement to remind me to fix things on my car, and my old car registration.

Things that are missing? phone, earplugs, class notebook, spare scantrons, wallet, grocery sack & a bottle opener


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