Nov. 14th, 2011 10:22 am
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Holy fandom shitstorm. I apparently don't actively follow any of the people involved in OTW and the current kerfuffle going on so it's only just come to my attention. Trying to slog through some of various posts on both sides and feeling very confused about:

a) what are these issues that people have with the new rollout? I havent really poked around it since it went up so my opinion thus far is meh with a side order of 'I'll get used to it /shrug'

b) what is the exact conflict between the board and the president?

closing thoughts: omg this is fandom, this is a volunteer not for profit organization, this isn't the government, this isn't politics, why is this happening?

ETA to add: I have a deep and complex loathing of politics, american politics in general. I think it's divisive and annoying and the more I hear politicians speak the more I loath them. When did fandom (on both sides) start mimicking politics? Reading through pages and pages of commentary, discussion, wank and legitimately hurt feelings I find myself saying, Good Lord, if I wanted to deal with this sort of organization scandal, politics, rhetoric I would be watching the GOP Debates --which I will not do beyond pertinent news bites-- I'm in fandom to avoid all this mainstream bullshit, a little slice of academic escapism. This is a free, volunteer based organization/services. That being said

I'm sure the people on the board approach their positions with certain goals and agendas in mind. These may or may not run perfectly parallel to your own goals/agendas. I'm really wondering where in the course of the resent AO3 site update people were suddenly cut out? Like did they suddenly get rid of NC-17 ratings (ohh Did they suddenly cut out entire types of fandoms? Did they suddenly put moratoriums on pairings or genres or kinks? I feel like to some extent this is 'higher ups' stepping on each others toes and then getting everyone else involved when really I'm just happy with a comprehensive and inclusive archive that functions in it's most basic function to post and search for fanworks.

Admittedly I come at this from a western fandom perspective so I can't speak to the issues arising for fans in other parts of the world but at the same time, projects on this scale can only do so much without more help.


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