Dec. 14th, 2011

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Recapping november and writing since the end of NaNoWriMo....

Well, I hit 12k for my nano novel. Not great but it's still a pretty significant amount of writing to accomplish (for me). It averages out to like 4k/week but really I think I was doing more like 7k/week for the last two weeks which is not too shabby.

Since then I've been giving myself a tiny brain break by writing a fairly serious take on a crack Inception Kink Meme prompt. It's good. I started it about two weeks ago and have a little over 8k written. Not too shabby at all considering it was the last week of instruction + dead week (ie study for finals week) + FINALS this week. Am going to try to write 1.2k on it today and hit around the 9.5k mark if everything goes according to plan. I'm confident the entire fill should reach 15k possibly 17k. After that I need to write a couple short fills for Angst_Bingo since I REALLY want to write a blackout for that this round and April is the deadline (I think that means 25 fills at a minimum of 500 words/fill but knowing me they'll all be closet to 700-1500/fill)

Am looking at possibly being expelled from school. I'm basically 100% certain I'm going to fail one of my classes and theres a cap on how many classes you can drop in the course of your ENTIRE academic career which I used up last yr. What kind of policy is that? Ugh. So I'm going to get an F and I'm feeling pretty worried that this will lower by gpa too much. In the event of possibly expulsion though my plan is to finish my AA via online classes with SPS and get a job and save up enough money to go to film school.


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